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HR, please comment. PPC-Thyroid

after researching PPC i see that it is a Soy product. there has been some negative things said about Soy and its effect on the thyroid. since HCV can affect the thyroid would adding Soy further damage it? thanks
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PPC preparations from soy should normally be suficiently pure, so as to not carry any of the soy isoflavones with it. Thus there are no general " soy' considerations to be taken into account, with the exception of allergies, since trace amounts of the non PPC soy ingredients will always be present.
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All of these questions  of course open up a huge line of practical and theoretical considerations, way too complex to cover in these limited circumstances:

So the the "negative impact" of soy  - presumably isoflavones - on thyroid function is one of these topics ;

Soy foods are a traditional staple of Asian diets but because of their purported health benefits they have become popular in recent years among non-Asians, especially postmenopausal women. There are many bioactive soybean components that may contribute to the hypothesized health benefits of soy but

most attention has focused on the isoflavones, which have both hormonal and nonhormonal properties.

However, despite the possible benefits concerns have been expressed that soy may be contraindicated for some subsets of the population. One concern is that soy may adversely affect thyroid function and interfere with the absorption of synthetic thyroid hormone. Thus, the purpose of this review is to evaluate the relevant literature and provide the clinician guidance for advising their patients about the effects of soy on thyroid function. In total, 14 trials (thyroid function was not the primary health outcome in any trial) were identified in which the effects of soy foods or isoflavones on at least one measure of thyroid function was assessed in presumably healthy subjects; eight involved women only, four involved men, and two both men and women.

With only one exception, either no effects or only very modest changes were noted in these trials.

Thus, collectively the findings provide little evidence that in euthyroid, iodine-replete individuals, soy foods, or isoflavones adversely affect thyroid function.

In contrast, some evidence suggests that soy foods, by inhibiting absorption, may increase the dose of thyroid hormone required by hypothyroid patients. However, hypothyroid adults need not avoid soy foods. In addition, there remains a theoretical concern based on in vitro and animal data that in individuals with compromised thyroid function and/or whose iodine intake is marginal soy foods may increase risk of developing clinical hypothyroidism. Therefore, it is important for soy food consumers to make sure their intake of iodine is adequate.

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Sorry, I should have placed the lower portion of the previous post  into quotes, since it is a quotation from a review, that I structured a little to make it more transparent.
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I wonder if these Hawiian studies have been followed up on? I know they gave me slight pause when I started adding more soy to my diet.

"The study suggested a strong
link between (soy)
and faster aging

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Thanks for the reply. i just received the hepatopro supplement and good to know it will not affect the thyroid. if someone is "hyper" not "hypo" could soy product possible help them?

also could you tell me what the ALA & TMG is in the list you provided in an earlier thread. thanks again

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ALA = alpha lipoic acid= Thioctic acid = Lipoic acid= Liponsaeure. Do not use Dihydrolipoic acid, as it is very hard on the stomach, otherwise it would be better.

TMG= trimethylglycin= betaine=         DMG(dimethylglycin)+1methylgroup  
A methyldonor as required for many synthetic reactions in the liver.

If somebody is hyperthyreoid, he will need a good endocrinologist, not play around with self supplement treatment. Hyperthyreodism is typically an autoimmune disorder, with antithyroid autoantibodies reacting with the thyroid TSH receptor as if they were mimicking TSH, leading to uncontrolled, runaway activation....
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