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Hepatitis C and treatment

I have had Hepatitis C for 35 years.  I have never treated.  I take herbs and doctors are amazed at my health at 61 years old.
My case has been studied by Scripps research foundation in San Diego CA.  At 24 years old I was one sick puppy.  Today I am better than ever, still with Hepatitis C.  My question.....
Why do some doctor's tell their patients they are cured of Hepatitis C?  There is No actual cure at this time.  Treatments simply disguise or hide the symptoms and are subject to return if the patient suddenly becomes ill with another illness or run down. Treatments distroy the immune system and some can not seem to recover well when distroying the immune system. I would think the idea would be to build the immune system.  There is still too much unknown science and I think it is inaproperate to tell a patient they are cured.  If that patient should go out and begin drinking alcohol, they can kill their liver. People and doctors are so mis-informed. THERE IS NO CURE FOR HEPATITIS C AT THIS TIME!
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I think that's a pretty strong statement to make.  Would you mind posting the documentation to back it up? thanks.
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My DR told me he CURES people all the time! treatment dose not hide symptoms, I had NO symptoms, but I am at stage 3, now I will post a study paper from my DR that uses the word CURE in it alot.Pam
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The Journal of Infectious Diseases July 1, 2006;194:53-60
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Wow - it must be sad to be you and be so stubborn and wrong.

Who brainwashed you or are you just afraid of treatment?  To make a strong statement like that with no backup...what does that say to ALL of the people who have been completely undetectible for years and had major fibrotic regression in their livers and had their liver enzymes go from the hundreds to the teens?

Since this is a viral disease = if they cannot find any of them in your system at all.....what does that mean? They are covered up or DEAD and GONE?

PS Herbs can be more dangerous for your liver than the hep can. But I guess you already know that.
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what about milk thistle
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