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Hepatitis on a Knife?

Ok, you may remember me. I was paranoid awhile back about hepatitis. I have been good about it for awhile now. However I had an incident today that has caused minor concern. Maybe someone can help me.

I was making lunch, and cut my thumb with a knife. It bled a bit, and I took care of it and all that.
My question is, how effective are home automatic dishwashers at getting hepatitis off utensils?

Meaning if the knife sat in a sink for awhile where friends or extended family members had been placing their dirty utensils with it, and dumping their glasses of water and such in there. And may have been using the knife as well(i doubt they cut themselves with it, but i cant say for sure), how safe is this knife after going through a dishwasher cycle? I had just taken the knife out of the dishwasher, as it had gone through the cycle either last night or early today.

Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks!
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Good to hear that you got over your paranoia. The route to hcv is blood to blood contact from someone who actully has hcv. So, the knife was keeping company with other kitchenware in a sink, the other kitchenware had no blood on it , used by people who you are unaware if infected and then the knife goes through a dishwasher cycle?  Cooties is more likely than hcv.
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LOL, I dont know if the other kitchenware had blood or not. I dont think so.

I was alittle worried about both Hep B and C.

With saliva and such getting on the knife from other silverware, and people emptying glasses in there and such.

This just sort of brought my paranoia back a bit. Im not flipping out thinking I am infected, however its a nagging thought in my mind, wondering how well a home automatic dishwasher can make me safe. Mostly just because I sliced into the flesh of my thumb with said knife. LOL
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no risk at all. you would be more likely to get tetanus (lockjaw) before hepatitis if your tetanus shots are not up to date, and even that is rare. relax you have nothing to worry about and are ok.
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Wherever we go and whatever we do, every step is a moment of imbalance and every step forward is an opportunity.  If you can see the difference, you are less likely to stumble. Be careful out there!
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Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the third fork from the left could have contracted HCV.
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FOD: Ok, you may remember me. I was paranoid awhile back about hepatitis.
"Was"? Sounds like you still are. I can't remember your past posts but this kind of irrational fear can sometimes have a deeper psychological basis. You might want to speak to a professional about this matter.

-- Jim
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i think this is the paper towel guy
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This guy???  http://www.brawnyman.com/
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Its bad enough we have things in our life that we cant control. However when there's nothing wrong try not to worry....stress will do you in it can be worse than illness.
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I really think you need to live in a Bubble and deb, you are correct. This is the one and only "Paper Towel Guy" He was also the one that had the post asking us how we contacted HepC
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Come on, guys, he probably just has OCD (just like I do). It is awful to be caught in your own paranoid thoughts like this. Just leave him be. He has to deal with his OCD issues. He is not helped by ridicule OR by us answering his questions over and over. What the therapists recommend is to answer the question of an OCD patient once, then when the follow up questions come (which they will), just refer to already having answered the question.
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Guess maybe they should rename this board from MedHelp if these are the replies ya get.
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Thanks for the heads up on OCD. Didn't realize that the "repetition" element was part of the condition and no doubt that's why lots of us jumped in with what now appears to be some inappropriate responses. Coincidentally, when I googled "Brawny" for my post, I ended up reading an article about Howard Hughes. His condition was a real tragedy at the end of his life.

-- Jim
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i should have known too.

the only thing i have to say in my defense is that we are going through hell and it gets old.

but that's not really a defense
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On the other hand, we do get our number of pranksters here, and part of me thought/still thinks we may have one here. That said, I've been critical in the past of others second-guessing the motivation of posters, so I'm going to blame my behavior on the interferon :)

-- Jim
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i wish i was just a prankster. trust me things would be much easier for me
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sorry if i caused anyone issues here with my questions. i will try and find elsewhere to seek answers when needed. thanks for the help i did get here though. take care
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We have liver issues that are very serious.

You do not.

Some of us are quite ill. Some of us are on chemotherapy.

You are not.

You have an illness but it is not your liver.

Be understanding that you are continually asking the same question, even if you think it's different, to people who are ILL ...and some of us VERY ILL from this disease and/or its treatment

Lol. Ridiculous. So the fact that hepatitis mainly effects the liver and mental issues/disorders do not somehow gives you and everyone else a trump card to be a **** to anyone you deem to have lesser suffering than yourself? That's absurd. Absurd enough that even after ten years I feel like someone needs to call you on it. Having hep c is no excuse, and trying to fend of stigma most certainly isn't either, especially when simply answering the question honestly so the next person that comes to see this can read the truth, would've done a lot more than trying to make them feel bad for NOT having hepatitis. And yes, I have hep c, I've been through the whole Tx interferon therapy with no luck, I've been in the hospital for chronic liver failure, colon failure, kidney failure, etc. So I know the struggle, and I damn sure would never use it as an excuse to try and make someone feel bad for wanting to understand it, even if they need to be reassured every now and then because they have irrational fears; because I've been there too. Frankly, if being in as bad of shape as you say hasn't helped you people be more understanding of other's suffering, I don't think anything will.
This post is from 2007, the people you are talking too haven't been around for a long time
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Sorry about my previous response.

Bottom line is that you don't have anything to worry about regarding the transmission scenario you described.

Hepatitis C is transmitted not just by blood, but blood-to-blood. That means infected blood would have to mix with uninfected blood and even then the transmission rates can be very low unless large quantities of blood are involved such as with a transfusion or IV drug use.

For example, the odds of needle stick injuries in hospitals transmitting hepatitis c are under ten per cent, even if the needle was infected with hepatitis c.

That said, hepatitis A can often be transmitted through food preparation and that's what you usually read about when there's a scare at a restaurant.

-- Jim
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Thank you for clarifying. i was not aware of the low rate of transmission through needle sticks.

I read so much about cross contamination through tattoos and such, it made it seem extremely easily transmitted. I didnt know how likely the transmission is.

While I do argue that i dont ask the same questions over and over anymore. My concern with what I asked today came more because of the knife slicing pretty welll into my flesh causing quite a bit of bleeding. I thought had anything been on the knife..since it wasnt doused in bleach or autoclaved, it going into my skin could cause issues.
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In the scenario you described, someone infected with Hepatitis C would have had to have bled on the same knife right where you cut yourself. And that would have had to have taken place before the virus died on the knife. Studies estimate the time the virus can live outside the body on environmental surfaces between 1 and 4 days, but I assume the heat, water and detergent in the dishwater would shorten the time. And even then the fact that the virus might survive and enter your body doesn't mean you would get hepatitis c. Again, less than 10% needlestick in hospitals when the needle is infected with Hepatitis C. So, you can see that the odds of you picking this up in the described scenario is close to nothing.

-- Jim
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survival period outside of body on dried blood is16 days for HCV ...and 4 days for HIV
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and heat doesnt kill HCV
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All I can think of is...

Hepatitis on a Knife  ==== SNAKES ON A PLANE....

The new movie --- coming out soon.

Fearful --- although the possibility exists EVERYWHERE that you can GET just about ANYTHING --- in EVERY WAY possible...

You really need to stop phreaking out.

It's not normal to worry that much ---- at the very minimum you'll give yourself an ulcer... And that's just another worry to worry about....

And worrying is a lot like chain letters ---- the worry just keeps going and going --- long after the Energizer Bunny kicked the 5th litter out.

So chill --- relax...

Either that or just go out and buy a Hepa Mask --- teflon gloves - a radiation suit --- and live a very boring life.

General rule of thumb... Bodily fluids should be touched only if you know whom they belong to - and you know that they are free and clear of disease.

Use UNIVERSAL precautions.

Clean properly --- but don't over do it --- because ridding yourself of all germs will cause you to lose good germs --- which keeps life in balance and harmony.

When there's blood - clean it --- if you cut yourself --- bandage it...


Live your life happily --- laugh --- be free of these incessant worries --- they will only serve to make you miserable.

Other than that --- have a great day -- I'm going to try to go to sleep.


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Not Sorry for my Comments.
This is a Forum for Hepatitis. I come here for information, fellowship, and to support others going through what I am going through. I don’t come here to listen to someone ramble on and on because of mental conditions.   Personally, I feel “Paper Towel Guy” comes here strictly to fill his need for attention. That is not what this forum is for.
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I've seen different stats but keep in mind this scenario is a knife in a dishwasher, not somthing sitting around in a laboratory untouched.

-- Jim
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Is there more of a stigma it seems to having OCD than having hepatitis C? We of all people should know the burden of a stigma. Although I struggle with hep C and tx, it is nothing compared to the struggle I have gone through with OCD. Be happy you are so blessed you do not suffer any mental conditions. When jail is your own thoughts, how do you break out of there?

That said this guy is not helped by asking questions here, it is like the addict thinking another hit will help.

Jim, this guy is not a prankster. This is the mind of somebody with OCD, I recognize it because I have been there. Thank you for treating him with respect. He is suffering.
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I respect and appreciate your compassion and understanding for this guy however, I stand by my last post.
This forum is for Hepatitis, not for Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Phobias, ADD, OCD, or any other mental problems.
Personally, I think we would all be surprised at how many people would be cured if their therapist would just tell them the truth, Life is a Rough Road. By a Helmet and Shut the Hell Up.
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My 13 year old son has OCD. It came out while I was on treatment because he was scared he'd lose me. He had a horribly tough time dealing with his disorder, but he fought it and and now he is doing great. Some of the replies here have been hurtful and make me feel sorry for what my son must have gone through in school.
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I totally agree with you that this forum is for hepatitis, and the best thing for someone like FearfulOfDisease to do might very well be to post on an OCD forum.

I wonder though why you did not Buy Yourself a Helmet and Shut the Hell Up before you let the hep C virus into your blood stream.
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i think we need sheriff ladybug
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I know what it feels like when your child has OCD. 2 of my kids have it. It often runs in families. (Helmets don't help against that.) Zazza
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Watching my son struggle with OCD was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. So much more difficult than doing treatment (what an understatement). I'm glad that your kids have your experience to learn from. Good luck.
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Thank you. You warmed my heart.
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Zazza: Thank you for treating him with respect. He is suffering
Thanks for educating me.
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thank you to those of you who understand my problem. hepatitis is just a major fear in my life, and when the fear of it comes up, it interferes with my life unless I know if certain situations are considered high risk or not. the fear came about when my moms friends husband died of it.  I figured this was the best place to find out how risky certain situations are or not, regardless if some people think they are silly situations, I dont always know if it is or not unless i am told or can find it somewhere online.
as far as people who just like to bash others on here, regardless to how sincere they think ones concerns are, well its too bad you have to go through life that bitter.
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wonder though why you did not Buy Yourself a Helmet and Shut the Hell Up before you let the hep C virus into your blood stream.

That was probably the most ridiculous comment I have read in a while.
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Some of you can so easily defend YOUR behavior...like ..oh when "I" do something  it's okay...but you can be sooo judgemental and mean of others...
this website has alot of good...but it also is very clicky and alot of you are very quick to put others down.
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It is dis- heartening and painful to read some of your mean comments to people who have come here for help...no matter what their problems may be....I really hope karma gets you back.
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Fearful -  hope you didn't find what I said hurtful.

If so, I apologize.

However - this fear --- it is hurtful for you. I don't know why you've focused on HCV when there are so many things....

In fact -  don't understand uncomfortable OCD fear...

I'm sorry you have those fears, and if they are truly interfering with your life --- it might be time to talk to someone who is professionally adept at helping you understand your worries.

I wish you well - and hope you do find some relief from the worry.

And about harsh comments --- some folks feel that others come to the forum -- to make fun of them - they are very sensitive... Very easily hurt.... There is so much stigma about HCV - that it is hurtful already just having it... And it's easy to believe questions like yours are comments meant to stimulate more stigma ---- and discontent amongst everyone... Even if that is not what you meant to do.

I'm sorry you're going through worries enough to be so vigilant... But the honest truth is... Use universal precautions and live a healthy, happy life.

Much luck,

*tired and sick - with a stuffy head and coughing.. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh LOL!*
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I would like to apologize for this comment I made in a previous post.

"Personally, I think we would all be surprised at how many people would be cured if their therapist would just tell them the truth, Life is a Rough Road. By a Helmet and Shut the Hell Up".

Lately I have been very inpatient with people and I am sure I will be again. Even though this is they way I do feel about the issue and I do not apologize for that. I am mature enough to know that sometimes it’s best to keep my opinions to myself especially when nothing good will come out of it.
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Apology excepted. I guess we all have to live with having different opinions. I figure my response to that remark was over the top as well. Sorry for that. It is just that I know by experience that just like we did not invite hepatitis C into our lives, mental disorders are not invited either.

But I respect a man who will pull himself together and stand for his point of view in a calm and respectful way.
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My husband owns his own business and a worker that has hepatitis C cut himself using a grinder (a spinning blade) then immediately after my husband picked up the grinder to show him how to use it and did the same exact thing and cut his wrist too, what are the chances that he gets the virus from the spinning blade? and how soon should he be tested for the virus?

Concerned Wife
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I won't speculate on any %'s but IMO, yes your husband should get tested just to be on the safe side.

How soon after exposure to HCV can anti-HCV be detected?

HCV infection can be detected by anti-HCV screening tests (enzyme immunoassay) 4–10 weeks after infection. Anti-HCV can be detected in >97% of persons by 6 months after exposure.

How soon after exposure to HCV can HCV RNA be detected by PCR?

HCV RNA appears in blood and can be detected as early as 2–3 weeks after infection.

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