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High testosterone linked to men's lower death risk/HR


Maybe HR can comment on the study. One question I have -- is it true that once you start testosterone therapy you have to continue it for life, as the body will stop producing its own? That's what I've heard and is the main reason I haven't tried it, now that it's dropped slightly below normal since I treated.

-- Jim
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so all I need is to get some gonad juice and I'll be handy dandy??? Yee hah!!!

although whether this one little roof could handle two testes cases is debateable.  ; )))))))))))))))))

it might just be one nut too many....if ya know what I mean............rolleyes!
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I thought High testosterone levels led to greater sporting performance and more Olympic gold medals.
Looks like they might pay for it now.
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i also would like to hear about this. does the HCV alone lower testosterone? as you know i have not treated yet and my testosterone level is low, slightly above the lowest normal. the level has continued to drop since i first had it checked 2 yrs ago. i'm sure next test it will be below normal.  add this to the other metabolic syndrom things and i'm screwed! sometimes i feel what is the use of treating the HCV because i have so many other negative factors. i just wish i knew if getting rid of the HCV would improve some of these things, i.e. BP(boarderline high),lipids(high total & tris, low HDL),testerone(low),glucose(boarderline). i have avoided taking a statin up to this point. i was taking a low dose of BP meds but stopped after exercising & diet brought it down close to normal. i do not want to end up like my dad (rest his soul) taking 10 different meds a day. talk about hitting 50 and going down hill! i'm the perferct example of this.......
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I can only speak for myself, but I had high-normal testosterone prior to treatment, but now as an SVR my testotserone is below normal. My bp and lipid profile is also worse since treating with interferon. My doc said that tx can worsen the metabolic syndrome which it did. My feeling/understanding is that in some of us, interferon kind of wakes/speeds up conditions that we may have had prior, but were lurking/inactive -- and indeed that may never have surfaced, or at least to the extent they did. It's not uncommon to read people feel physically and mentally aged from treatment. Of course, some people report feeling great. You've read the threads and probably seen the survey. Where any individual will end up after treatment is impossible to tell.

-- Jim
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Aieeeee! Macho es bueno!!
Arriba arriba arriba!!

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Well, All i know is that I am still plenty horny, if that is any indication!
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hey, I just wanted to be another chicky with the stones to come on here on a dude thread...:)) there are always one you guys that come on some Aunt Mary thread anyway...:)
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forsee..you got the stones,no doubt..after the last discussion on this,i had my testo tested-fine thank-you and i'm w/ gauf on the indications!...but i whole-hearted concur on the after effects of trx - that formerly minor disabilitys become much bigger issues,mental&physical...other than that,i rejoice with SVR
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There is no big surprise in these study results.

The age related or disease/inflammation/etc related decline in the production of sex hormones by the peripheral glands is caused by a combination of  molecular damage to the macromolelcular machinery/signaling /synthesizing pathways both in the hypothalamus/hypophysal axis as well as in the peripheral glands itself.

If a man (without any replacement therapy) is located in the highest 25% (quartile) of testosterone levels, it means most likely that his body/organs overall have suffered less degenerative/inflammatory/oxidative damage compared with his overall age group. This will certainly translate in a lesser incidence of health problems, way beyond a lesser drop in testosterone.

Thus testosterone here is mainly a marker of general health, less that the cause of the better general health.

This does not mean, that there is no benefit to the overall vitality, organ performancne ( beyond sexual activitires!) due to the higher levels of this vitral steroid hormone. But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.

If Testosterone itself would be the major cause of the correlated good health as observed, then Testosterone replacement therapy would indeed serve to provide similar benefits as this corrrelative study , investigating "naturally high testosterone levels, showsl

But the studies on the use of testosterone replacement therapy in men deficient for it do not show a clear benefit pattern, - some benefits are regularly observed, of course- but the critically important benefit on the cardiovascular status is not clear from a review of the studies performed to date.

This is in contrast to the clear correlation of spontaneously higher levels of testosterone with health parameters as this study demonstratges. I repeat - correlation - only partly cause, for the reasons stressed above.

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To Jims question:
The feedback inhibition of externally applied/internally produced testosterone on  the production of LH and FSH ( the "gonadotrope hormones" of the hypothalmus/hypophysis)

will lead to a lack of such gonadotropins ( and hence peripheral testosterone production in response to those) for a while, once the external source is stopped.

But the finer understanding of the mechanisms of that feedback allows to circumvent this feedback inhibition to a good degree:

It is the production of estrogens from testosterone, by the aromatase enzyme, that is the operative basis for that feedback.

Therefore, inhibition of the transformation of the exogenous testosterone into estrogens by inhibition of aromatase is one way to counteract this effect.

Thre are several highly effective prescription "aromatase inhibitors" and also some natural substances ( some polyphenols) that also inhibit this conversion by aromatase, with a much lesser efficacy and these effects are not well researched in human studies, due to the lack of financial incentive for the performer.
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Understood. But since the overall benefits of testosterone therapy aren't clear for the group, a reasonable approach for someone with low testosterone -- especially what appears to be interferon-induced low testosterone -- might be to try supplemental testosterone for "x" months and then try and draw some conclusions. The question then becomes what is the downside of such an experiment?

One downside I've heard is that the body might stop making testosterone at the same levels once therapy is started. This then would result in having to stay on testosterone therapy for life. I haven't really been able to confirm this with too many independent sources, so would welcome your opinion.

In short, if someone like myself starts testosterone therapy and then decides to stop -because of either negative sfx or no noticeable benefit -- will I end up worse off than when I began.


--  Jim
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Our last two posts crossed, so my response (above) was not to your last post.

But re your last post,  are you then saying that they don't know if its OK to go on and off testosterone therapy? I would like to try the experiment, but not if it means that if I stop taking it I will be worse off than before.
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