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How's everyone doing?

Just wondering how everyone who started tx recently is doing.  Some folks have been absent.  Maybe they are dealing with sx??  I take shot # 6 this Friday and have survived so far, except for feeling like **** on sundays and mondays.  Only sides are general malaise and lack of motivation to do stuff.  I catch my second wind on Weds or Thurs, but then comes shot night.
I had my 4 week PCR last Fri and am awaiting the results.  If I am clear, then I am halfway thru tx.  I have the option to do 12 weeks if clear at 4 weeks, so pray for me.  I am (was?) geno 2b, vl 1.3 mil, minimal liver damage.
I am especially wondering what happened to Robbetz.  He was all gung-ho and I haven't seen a post from him in over a month.
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yup, that is the feeling all right! apathy and fatigue! gl on the PCR, but I would go as long as I coul tolerate for good measure
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Glad you're doing well, I am not. Took shot 3 on Sunday, so far have not been able to work or pretty much function at all. The headaches are the worst part and I did get Imitrex, and it has helped some. Nauseau, vomited a few times; extreme pain in joints, bones, and muscles with a low grade fever; off and on. Dizziness and extreme fatigue, I haven't been sleepy well either.
I see a couple different doctors over the next couple weeks. If things don't start to get better soon, I am not sure what I'm going to do. I'm suppose to return to work in less than a couple of weeks. Right now the way I feel there's no way I could. I am not sure how I would be able to continue this for 43 more weeks if I don't start feeling better.
Thanks for listening
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Just finished up week 11 of 48. I have good days and bad . The two days after the injection I find myself irritable and out of sorts. I have started to take ST Johns Wort for depression and have quit the OTC sleeping aids. My Doc will Px somthing stronger if I would like .I find that the sleep aids dont help and I feel hung over in the morning which adds to the irritability.
One thing I find really helps is water . The more I drink the less side effects , when I fail to drink enough ..more side effects.
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what interferon are you on? I was on Pegasys and was able to drag my body to work everyday. I hope your sx settle down soon. I had a headpain(one side) for about 10 days, the meds prescribed, can't remember one of them really helped. The nausea eased when I quit coffee and some other foods, but the aches linger until I took vicoprofen for the day. Maybe you can switch interferons?
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I guess I'm lucky in that I have not had headaches, skin problems, excess irritability, etc.  For some reason, I am not losing hair.  In fact, it is getting much thicker.  I did get a couple canker sores the first week, but have had none since.  In fact, right now I am lunching on some chicken nuggets with ketchup.  Tonite will likely be a mushroom pizza.  
I'm not sure how the riba effects me.  I take it with one of those little containers of chocolate pudding, the real fat stuff, along with a couple Snicker's minis.
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Sorry you're having such a rough time. Perhaps this will make you feel a little better...one of the doctors I have been to said that in his experience the people who react to tx the most,(i.e. worst), are the ones who benefit the most from it, and are often the ones who clear. Don't know that I'd take that to the bank, but it helps me get through the bad days. Good luck and I hope you'll feel better as time goes on.
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