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A few days ago there was a thread discussing whether or not Interferon is chemotherapy...

I just found "Interferon Alfa-2b (PEG conjugate)" in a list of Chemotherapy Drug Names at chemocare.com...

Just thought I'd pass the link along.  It also has good basic info about the drug:  http://www.chemocare.com/bio/

Later, Dotti =)

[Congrats to Mr. Beagle!!  I don't get on here often and can't stay long when I do, but did notice the good news.  It gave me joy and encouragement!!]
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chemo just means chemical therapy, guess interferon would fall under a chemical therapy, at least Riba sure would, you could make the qualification that it isn't chemotherapy used on cancer patients...
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You're not gonna believe this coming from me, but it is used in <a href="http://caonline.amcancersoc.org/cgi/content/abstract/38/5/258"><b>Hairy</b> Cell Leukemia</a> amoung others.
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Not surprising to me at all - that you would find this.  Next you'll suggest it's use for hirsutism, and with some of the comments we've read over the months you may have something.
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Yes as a chemical therapy it is considered chemo.  When you stop and realize that some leukemia patients are given Interferon as their treatment...you realize it's in the same ballpark for sure and that is why we are able to tell people at work we are on "chemo" and let them deduce whatever they want without having to lie LOL

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Yes, Interferon is used for MS.  Wikipedia has fascinating info.  When I read this (pasted Wiki excerpt) about the viruses treated with Ribavirin, I freaked out for days!!

Future: Other Viral Activities
Experimental data indicate that ribavirin may have useful activity against many viruses of interest, including avian influenza, hepatitis B, polio, measles and smallpox. Ribavirin is the only known treatment for a variety of Viral hemorrhagic fevers, including Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Lassa fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, and Hantavirus infection. Ribavirin is active in a hamster model of yellow fever, a finding which is not surprising, given the familial relationship of yellow fever and hepatitis C viruses as flaviviridae. Ribavirin is active against other important flaviviridae such as West Nile virus and dengue.
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Strictly speaking IFN is a biologic. But we all know, the root of all is chemical. When my boss said "Hey FLguy, get your head out of you azz, I just said that two minutes age" my reply was not "give me a break boss, I'm on freakin bio therapy"
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