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If my wife is vaccinated for hepatitis and comes back from vacation am I at risk

She went to Dominican Republic and has all her vaccinations can I get hepatitis from being around her please some one help
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If she does not have a virus there is nothing to transmit.

Vaccines do not use live virus to create immunity the immunizations contain killed virus. Vaccines do not transmit virus.

For more information about vaccines and virus transmission speak with your personal physician.

This is a community forum for patients who are or were infected with the hepatitis c virus. There are no medical experts here. We cannot diagnose or offer medical advice. This is primerly an online support group for patients.
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Also there is no vaccination for Hepatitis C

Only hepatitis A  and Hepatitis B have vaccinations at this time.

Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus which requires hepatitis c bills to enter the blood stream of an infected person. The most common methods of transmission for hepatitis C are through the sharing of IV drug needles and blood transfusion before 1990 when antibody testing for hep c was developed and the blood supply secured.
requires hepatitis c infected BLOOD to enter...
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