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Do most insureres cover treatment for Hep?  The thought hit me yesterday.  Here I go worrying again.  That should be my middle name.
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Shot went smooth thus far last nite and the sx effects aren't nearly as bad . Thats strange to me but the day isn't over yet . Just thinkin about my 12 week pcr which is gettin close I'm gonna shoot for may 11th , that will be the trough day of the 11th week . This reosoning is because of continued insurance approval hinging on the 12 week pcr results .As ya already know , undetectable or 2 log drop at this test and insurance continues .

                  So how are all this mornin ?
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Hey dude, how many worms you gathered this morning?? My pigeons could use some..I actually feel a little better this morning, after shot night!!  But I took thursday and friday off, and snuck off to spend time with just the hubby (remember my small house now has an uncle I really don't know and my mother that spends the day fussing at him...) so I think just 24 hours of peace and quiet helped... Did you read the post that said my PCR results should be back on tuesday? 5 day turnaround is not too shabby.... one bright note: woman that drew my blood said she had a client that didn't clear, tx knocked him on his @ss, did the whole tx twice, and she said he cleared, and he tells her he feels so good now that he didn't even know it was possible to feel that good...so lets hope for that for one and all, for most the first time around, but for the unlucky ones doing it twice.... its got to be worth it...
take care,
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Glad you're feeling better. A little unclear on that 12 week thing, but my understading is that usually the 12 week PCR is taken the day before the 13th shot which would be the trough day, as you mention, but do check with your doctor. Or, is your reasoning that if you take the test earlier, it won't effect your insurance one way or the other. It would seem that if this is a factor with your insurance carrier that they then would be looking at all results and wouldn't you have a better chance of clearing or two log drop  at week 12 than at week 11? I'm doing pretty well -- best week yet -- and thanks for asking. I'm off the the beach in a little while.

-- Jim
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Good morning.....glad your sho twent good last nite and not feeling any side affects (as of yet anyway), seems to get better as time goes on although I really had no sides starting tx.  Since #33, it has been a real booger of a deal w/sides.  I do my shot on Sat nite and usally do good untill Tues.  Weird huh?  Sometimes sides from shot can last till Wed!  Whats weird that has NEVER happened before was this past Thurs nite, had a headache start about 8pm, went and layed down at 9, by 9:45 was hit with flu symthoms, chills, the headache, all joints and muscles hurt but no fever!  Took a tylenol pm at 10, woke up at 12 and took 1 more.  Stayed in my cave (bed) all day yesterday just to make sure I was well rested and all had passed.  Do shot #35 tonight!  Woohoo, getting closer to 48 weeks!  Just wish they would do a 36 week PCR at the study clinic but they told me not untill I am finished.  Suppose I could go to my reg doc and have him order me a Heptimax test at 36 weeks just for the fun of it!

Have a wonderful weekend, good day to lay around here, it's raining.

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The reoson , I should explained more , the 12th shot is on the 19th of may . I believe the trough day would be on the 25th of may . The insurance discontinues may 30th , so if I clear or get the 2 log drop the doc will get it approved again but this would cause  the next rd of drugs to come  back late . I'd probably get them 10 days or better late .  

                                  So if I get the pcr date done earlier , I hope to keep the meds on schedule pending the pcr results are good .
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Dyce, glad it went smoth for ya, Took my shot before bowling this morning. Got a little baseball at one. You know you'll least have that 2 log drop. I did this morning. Well you'll also have the other 2 log or better at week 12.

Fishdoc says.....how many worms you gathered this mornings......

Kinda nosey aren't we. can't answer for dyce, but you ain't gettin mine. GEEZ.... Good luck on your results. Bet ya make it.
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Hope this one is better for ya, once your pool boy gets  there all will be fine. Have a good rest.
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Sounds odd the insurance company wouldn't see you through to week 12 or are you saying you're not going to renew you med insurance if unless you get a two-log drop? I'd think you'd want some sort of insurance regardless. If you can, why not renew it now and then cancel whenever, if that's what you choose. I believe these policies are pro-rated if cancelled but you'd better check that one out. Good luck in however you proceed, I know these insurance issues can get quite complex so I'm just throwing out some thoughts.

-- Jim
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Commitment to Cares phone #1-800-521-7157, also has link thru schering-ploughs website. $70,000 income limit in florida...other states may vary.

http://www.atdn.org/access/pa/filg.html  link for Amgens Safety Net progam. Free neupogen if necessary, some income restrictions ($60,000 income i believe)

http://www.procritline.com/patientassist/intro.jsp  link for free procrit...

i am unisured and uninsurable in the state of florida ...
anyone know if there's high risk insurance in this state? i've tried but can't find much. thanks. everyone have a great weekend.  tracy
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Since your insurance is like that. My thoughts would be take the test the day after your shot and don't get a real sensitive pcr test. Plus check in to commitment to care for free meds and same as for procrit. Don't know how high your income is, but they consider family members in your house. Plus they have high incomes limits. Just my thinking so you know what thats worth.
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Yep, it is an outrageous cost, but I have $10 copay, dental, vision and my husband and step kids are on Cobra too. Hubby says we can get some high risk ins. I doubt they have the plan I do, tho. I have heard Healthnet insures anyone? My husbasnf is a lawyer who works solo. I wonder if he can get ins.,as a company, with me as an employee. I am the 'official' law clerk.  Nothing goes out without my editing and opinions.

The insurance situation in this country sucks.  Too bad Hillary bungled the health plan. Single payer would be good.  To late to go   back to that, the ins. co' have closed that door, I think.  

You are correct in saying so many can't afford the $1000. we pay. It's sad to see people suffer w/o ins.  Another thing that gets me is how much discount ins. co's get for drugs, tx, etc. They pay about a tenth of what the hospitals charge a private citizen.  There should equity at least!
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It's not cancellation of the insurance but discontinued approval of the meds at 12 weeks. See the insurance would only approve the meds for the 1st 12 weeks of tx . If I get undetable or a 2 log drop the insurance will approve another 12 weeks of meds .That will carry me to 24 weeks , then If I'm still clear the insurance will approve anther 12 weeks of meds .

              You have to prove to the insurance co every 12 weeks the tx is working before they will approve it anther 12 weeks . If I follow the 12 week pcr   trough schedule my shot 13 would get delayed due to waiting on approval . This is cause of the pcr take about 10 days to come back . On the 12th week trough day pcr , I would never have my shot the following week , it would take longer for the pcr results to come back then that.  Then faxing them to the insurance , the next approval process would dirupt the meds schedule .

         So if I get the pcr done at 11 weeks I'll keep the meds on schedule .
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How did you get on this ins?  I am on Cobra and hope that I will be through tx, although expensive, they cover a lot. I am worried about trying to get ins. later.  Who will insure me with this diagnoses?  I don't mind paying $1000. a month for my family now,  but wonder what copays and coverage I could get w/ a high risk ins. co.
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Thanks for all the posts.  I have Blue Cross/Blue Sheild through my husband's work.  Thanks to all for the links to organizations that will help with this.  I am sorry to those that are having trouble with their insurance.
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Wow,  I hadn't thought about week 12 in those terms. What happens if you don't take the meds for a week?  Perhaps you can take another PCR at week 12 to send the ins. co if the week 11 doesn't clear.  This is a bummer.

Tracy,  thanks for the number!  I would qualify, but hubby definately will not, therefore I think I won't.  I have mentioned divorce, just so I do not have to drain his trust account with my illness.  He doesn't like that idea, neither do I.

Maybe you can make the trek I have heard you Floridians to treat.  Its awful what we have to do to get rid of this, as if it isn't  bad enough.
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Been a long time - infected for 20-30 yrs. Just got the undetectable news  @ wk 36 of Infergen 15 mikes and 1200 riba daily. My insurance wouldn't pay, so my Doc has me on a (hopefully) sufficient supply of samples. Ibuprofen 3 or 4 times daily helps me alot. This is my 3rd tx. The first was Interferon  and Riba 1200 for 12 wks (only took me down from 3,000,000 to 80,000) and pegIntron and riba 1200 -same deal. Because of the current 'success', I wonder if I shouldn't have been on the other tx's longer before giving up. Anyway, if this isn't a keeper in 10 months, at least some of my stage 3 damage has been reversed. And there's always VX-950.
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I'm gonna call the insurance co, I'm probably worried over nuthin . This whole deal seems to do that . What I'm tryin to do( i'll have coverage if tx is workin) is to keep things movin so all the approvals for the meds don't disrupt my tx . If the tx isn't workin , we wait for newer drugs . Dern insurance can be b-llshit to deal with(health assurance).
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How ya guys doin ? Just got up again outta bed . Been gettin some well needed rest , slept biggest part of day (yawn). So far the shot ain't as bad , sleepy , but after no sleep all week , no wonder . No sleep aid today , only used 1 so far , am tryin to only use em when I need em .
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Good, sleeping will keep you out of trouble. The head cam dude i already got the popcorn
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Ha dude , couldn't get it done last week , my work kept me on the ground but faithfully a pipe was dribbling yesterday , hammerin a brand new ceiling in the annex . It's a good drop , with cam installed you'll get a good adrenalen rush just watching and I should too , that is until impact . Then  I'll be fitted into a new jacket and put in a room where I can ram walls , do flips on me head and all the fun stuff while on tx .

       I told the boss of the video , he said dyce, you simplton , you hurt 1 of my floors on the drop , you'll fix em on yur time !!!!!!
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said.......I told the boss of the video , he said dyce, you simplton , you hurt 1 of my floors on the drop , you'll fix em on yur time !!!!!!

LMAO, got a good laugh out of that. Oh well you gave it your best shot.
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dang dude, another sx.  your pipe is dribbling, and you can't get it done... I'm willing to bet insurance worries have a lot to do with non-performance.... and theres always the little blue pill..... sorry can man, if I beat you to it!!  I bought the hubby a Bright Blue Martin (is it Mark?) Nascar hat.... for some reason, its not one of his favorites...

I thought you were up before the chickens...
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dyce wow your pipe is leaking even after you shake it? Duct tape man fix's everything.

Fishy smell, Good grief always in the gutter gal. I'm glad theres a couple of us that try to keep it clean here. And for the other day it was very hard to not comment. But i know most that wouldn't be mad. But there i don't know and didn't want to get booted from here. Just my feeling it would not have been takin as funny
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Tell yourself dogs, like fish, will wait.  Thats why I went for pigeons, low maintenance, don't get hyper when they don't get worked... but I absolutely can't imagine saddling up my horse and heading out for a long ride....I tell the hubby they are "pasture ornaments", just appreciate how pretty they are...

as for old friends, I think they hate asking as much as we hate telling them how we feel.... I watch caller ID, and just don't answer my phone much....

I am feeling pretty chicken sh!t, self centered, spoiled little whiny baby these days..so I know they don't want to talk to her!!  I'll just annoy all my internet friends instead!!!  They can't talk about me, cause they don't know who to talk to!!!
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