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Is it normal to be depressed ?

Im starting tx in three weeks and I am so depressed. I really need to snap out of it. I feel like Paris Hilton...just a big baby. I need to deal w/my sentence w/a stiff upper lip. Im sad and crying everyday. I've already projected that my 24 weeks will be he@l on earth. From what everyone had told me the anticipation is way worse then the actual thing.

I know you all think Im a big baby, but I cant help how I feel. I already feel like Im txing and I havent even started. I dont wanna take AD's b/c they make me feel like ***@**** whatever. Im SO sick of this disease I could scream!!!

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I so sorry you feel so bad.  I also did not want to take AD so I started to look for an alternate method to help with the anxiety and fear of starting. I'm only on week three - but I found guided meditation to help me calm down and take my mind off of the treatment and help me relax.   Mediational music and hopefully soon try yoga or tai chi!  The tx can cause you to get more depressed so it is important to get a handle on it or try the AD's.  Also, my first shot was painless and the next day was like a hangover (I've had worse hangovers).  Everyone is different and maybe you won't have any sx like others here!   Try to relax and think about the positive things you have in your life!!
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this may sound weird coming from cruelword, but i cried every day for the first six months of treatnent, and thats a lot of crying! if i dont win the big cry baby award i know im near the top. its nothing to be embarrased about though.
this is your human system for releasing grief. let it flow ,let it flow, let it flow. dont hold it back. i finally turned the corner this month (month 7) and i would expect it takes everyone about that long to really settle in to the new life
and accept it. now that im here im feel mentally as good as i did before all this happened. im now bouncing around the house singing dancing and talking to myself like a freak. im happy again and you will be too, just let it take its course.
i assume this your first round. is it?
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i was depressed the whole 45 weeks. not bad but so much that i did not want to even see my best friends. i can be part of tx. if it is not too bad go on with it. good luck. bobby
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I know you're scared.  I cried all the way up till I started treatment.
I was so depressed and couldn't understand how something like this could
happen to me.  Look at it as this is what I have to do for me and my family!
It's temporary!  Be glad it's 24 wks.  Me 14/48 or like nygirl 72 wks.
If you're not going to take AD's you'll need to find a focus.  Keep a Journal,
Take walks,keep yourself busy.  Remember, we are all here to rid this beast
One day at a time
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I would add, it really may not be as bad as your antcipate, 24 weeks will go very fast, (ask anyone doing 48 or longer) plan on some time for R&R moments if and when you need them.

I have two lady friends both geno 2's  I know, both did 24 weeks, last year, ran their own business, minimal down time, maintain exercise routines, other than some expected sides, that they planned for, they actually did better on tx
that either had anticipated. they are both now SVR. and feel and look better than before TX.
There going to be a few dark days, just ride with them if they occur.
you really can get thru this succesfully.
good luck
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Before I started tx my herbalist told me to stop thinking of tx like some horrible thing I need to get through and find a way to welcome the medicine. I started doing a little ritual when I do my shot, focusing on sending the meds to help my health. Meditation has been a big help for me. Try to think of a way to view this in the most positive light you can. You are preparing for a wild adventure. Grab a paddle, enjoy the ride when you can, keep upright during the bumpy spots and coast when its smooth.   Good luck.
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