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Itchy skin

I have a dry skin rash that doesn't go away and nothing external helps?  What can I do about this? The itch drives me crazy!
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I used aveno lotion on a regular basis. When it got really bad my doc put me on allegra in the am, atarax in the pm and a prescription creme called diprolene which would stop the itch and heal the rash in a day. Good luck,
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I have suffered rash for 10 weeks now, I also use Diprolene which helps.Don't shower/ bath every day as water is drying.

AK Hepper: I saw a post from you a few days ago saying that foods containing yeast are making you sick.
This started with me about week 10, I,m week 18 now.
I now avoid bread and only eat rye crackers.
Cake and cookies also make me feel bad, maybe its any food with a raising agent.
Sugar is another no no for me, I hope none of this permanent as i would kill for a piece of chocolate fudge cake.
Best wishes
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My Dr. RX's a cortozone cream it worked for me for awhile and then it was back. The drying of the skin is the cause plenty of water and moisurizer's is the best that can be done. I've been itcy for several month. It's bareable since I'm already crazy, other wise it would be driving me crazy.  My daughter got me a back scratcher for Christmas. She has been such a trooper though all of this.  Good Luck and don't feel alone.

Love Peace and Happiness.
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yea, I second the cortizone cream. My elbows get bumps all over them, the cortizone cream knocks em right back in order.

welcome to the forum, this is a great place for all sort's of info

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AK HEpper, what's your email addy if I may ask?  I have a funny I want to send you since you are freaked out at Michael Jackson.
Its a pic and I cant figure how to post it here.  Anyways, hey I could post it on hepsongs site hmmmm?  Ok anyways, there isnt any yeast in cake USUALLY!!  they use baking soda, salt, or baking powder.  
Kitty - right on, dont bathe as often, apply baby oil ASAP after getting out of the shower (its cheap and it helps seal in any moisture your skin absorbed during the shower), take some kind of anti-itch pill you can get from your doc or over the counter (OTC) benadryl (diphenelhydramine) generic is cheaper, and if the generic hydrocortisone cream doesnt help ask your doc for some better cream...like kenalog (triamcinolone) or Diprolene? Benadryl Gel helped me sometimes.   Then there is Nivea Oil Emulsion (not the lotion or other types has to be OIL Emulsion) that is good for very dry skin (it is hard to find some places, I have found it at Walmart though) and Nivea Creme is pretty good runner up.
OHC  wishing you lotsa luck and itch relief!!
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OK, want to see it too, ***@****
Look down under happy hepper 12/30/03 for AK addy
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I got it POSTED!!  on hepsongs under photos Will email it to you also....Thanks :)

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Remember Arsenio Hall the comedian? Makes ya wanna go hmmmm.
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***@****   Send it on, Mike's good for a laugh or two. Maybe all that sugar in the cake had something to do with it, or maybe it was just the damn interferon again, anyway I'm finally back to my normal baseline crappy feelingness, this week's shot was a rough one! Sure didn't help having to take all 6 ribas at once, either. Happy New Year to everybody!
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So that's the look he's going for, I thought it was Diana Ross, but he's got Joan Crawford nailed.
Bill, I'm gonna have to pass on the trazadone tradeoff, I've got about all I can handle already :-)
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My skin has been itching a lot lately.  Just from readingthe post I have some good information on some loations to try.  Some times it feels like I have bug crawling all over me.  It is funny because my husband ask me what is wrong. He just does not understand.  Hope everyone had a joyous new year and a positive outlook for the new year.  Do you think it could be the hep c causing me to slow down at work.  I am getting behind in my paper work and at times I just don't have it in me do to.
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Increase your fluid intake.  I used Avenoo Oatmeal lotion.  Don't completely dry off after a COOL (hot water is very drying) shower, than apply lotion.  SARNA is a good product too.  I would try more fluids before more drugs.
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