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My friend who was on treatment for 50 weeks said the only way she made it thru was by smoking a joint.  She had never smoked before but this gave her relief.  So who knows????????????
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That is the main point, if you can stay the course of tx. I considered it when I was close to pulling the plug. I was in so much pain and nausea.
The study I read concerning smoking pot and it progressing fibrosis was so screwed I wouldn't trust any of results. From the choice of test subjects to the way the progression was monitored. Never seen anything that compares pot smoking with svr. Can't be more dangerous than procrit, neupogen, pain meds, anti-depress, etc., etc. to keep us on tx.  Peace
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The study I read took subjects of questionable lifestyles. People who also used other recreational drugs and even drank alcohol. The biopsies showed no differences in fibrosis that would not be found in the differences of taking two different samples from different parts of the liver. The differences in fibrosis also wasn't any different from the difference in opinions from different pathologist reading the same samples. These are just the two main points that make me think this study has not much weight.
All the drugs we take during tx has some potential sx and risk. Whether it be to the liver, the heart, the kidneys, on and on. Many doctors recommend tylenol, tylenol is notorious for aiding liver problems. Of course that's when it's being abused. I hardly doubt that occasional mj used over the course of tx would in any way compromise one's liver function. Just one man's opinion.  Peace   Oh and by the way I don't smoke marijuana.
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Living in a 'hip' or is that 'hippy' college town in a state that is 5th in the nation for outdoor growing, many people use marijuana.

Being a highly rated University, there are always people passing thru.  Of the people I've known or 'heard about', the majority have achieved svr, no matter the stage or genotype. and the majority of those smoked marijuana.  Very few of us even took the AD's Rx'd or even filled the Rx.

I would believe the report if they had used a couple doz educated health freaks living in the mts in humble b/decent circumstances.  Not a bunch of Paris junkies.  I know some Paris junkies, they hang outside the jazz clubs my partner plays @!

There is absolutely no comparison between lifestyles.  none.

As we have seen in the aftermath of the hurricanes, etc., people w/ a more wholesome lifestyle fare better under all circumstances.

It's never the bits b/all the bits and pieces that tell the whole story.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
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I think the "gateway" theory is loosing followers. A person chooses the "medication" that suits them best. For some is MJ and nothing else, for others heroin but not coke, etc. Those that have not found their "call" will try the list, but I don't think one leads to the other. What if I try heroin but find MJ to my liking more? Is heroin then the gateway to MJ?
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As a former alcoholic and drug addict, I have to tell you that for ME just drinking booze led to my smoking pot.  And from there it WAS the gateway to everything else.  Except if it involved needles or downers, 'cause I HATED needles & hated downers, still do ... ironic isn't it?!  :)

Pot led to speed, cocaine, meth, LSD and lots of other stuff.  Of course, back then cocaine was not "addictive".  LOL, oh to know then what I know now.

I think each person has to determine this for themselves.  For me, a basic addictive personality, I did not have a "favorite" drug.  I loved drugs, period.  I liked being high.  If it made me high, I would take it.  

And although I've been straight since 1979, I would no more smoke pot again now than the man in the moon.  Would I become addicted again?  God only knows.  Am I stew-pit enough to try it and find out?  Nope.  Not anymore.
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Sorry for jumping on but I have an important question (to me) and the darn medical office isn't picking up.

Do I have to inject myself with this procrit? I've never done a REAL injection just the ready pen?

I guess maybe I should call the pharmacy but the site says a nurse or doctor needs to do it. I'm all confused!
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I did it myself. It was no different than my Pegasys
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Sorry my rant was so long.  I didn't realize how long I rambled.  Thank you to anyone who read that for "listening."  :)

And NYGirl, yes, procrit's injected.  It's not so bad.  Just ask your doctor to write an rx for small needles.  I can't remember the size I have.  I'll have to try to remember and post you later.  But if you can get diabetic-sized needles, even better.  You hardly feel them.
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I remember you had anxiety about the redi pen. If you can, I'd try to have a nurse help with the first one. If you can't, we can give detailed instructions. Like everything else, its the anticipation that gets you. It's really no big shake.
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Very well said.  Whatever gets you thru the night.  Best of luck with your tx.  DJ
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Thanks, Janet.  I really appreciate your well wishes.  Now must go blow my nose and get back to work. <sniff> <g>
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That was very well said.  I forget about that option, and , at this point, don't even know where I would "score."  But I do have anxiety and stress and can envision that pot might work - better than pharmaceuticals (which I have not had to use yet).  THanks for your point of view. And I agree about the part that dealing with this medical system is one of the worst and most anxiety ridden parts of tx.
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