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Need help with results

Ok this might be a bit strange but they gave me the results over the phone this is what they told me

SGOT-AST is a 69 Normal is 5-34

SFPT-ALT is a 152 Normal is 0-55

HCV 11.30 normal is 0.00 to 0.79

Does any of this make sense to anyone? I haven't started Tx yet how bad are these results?
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Sorry guys the for the second result I meant to say SGPT-ALT 152
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When a liver cell dies it releases a liver enzyme. so the more enzymes the higher the level the worse it is.

And alt of 152 is pretty high but not like BIZARRE (mine were in the mid-200s and that isnt bizarre either).  For someone with Hepc it's kind of normal for them to be up there.

The good news is after I treated for only 4 weeks my numbers dropped straight into the 20s.  Now a year and a half later after treatment I got a blood test and my ALT was only "8" - I couldn't believe it.

I don't know much about the HCV number - but that seems very far out of range regardless.

If you go to the janis website it probably will explain that one to you.

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Please verify the units used for the HCV test; i.e. LOG IU/mL? The test parameters “normal is 0.00 to 0.79” imply a very sensitive test; however, a result of 11.30 expressed in LOG IU/mL is extremely high. I assume a miscommunication has occurred; this figure needs clarification. You might consider requesting a hard copy of your results and typing exactly what you see written in the forum as well.

The liver enzyme results you listed are out of range, but par for the course for an HCV infected patient.

Best to you,

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I got the hard copy of test there is something on there that says

TSH 2.400 uIU/mL


HCV Ab w/Rflx to RIBA
HCV Ab 11.30H s/co
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Your screening test for Hcv antibody was 'reactive' with a signal to cut off ratio of 11.3.

That is high and is probably accurate.  With a s/co >1 and <3.5  or so, the riba

confirmatory test is used to confirm the screening test (pos riba) or a neg riba means the

screening test was false pos.  With a s/co of 11.3, you almost certainly have Hcv

antibody in your blood stream.

This does NOT mean you have hep c virus.  You need to have a Pcr qualitative test

for that.  Good luck.
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