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New Riba Mfg/FLGuy

FLGuy/All - My Riba was left out of my last drug refill. Well, last night get refill - received these capsules from a different mfg. Called Specialty Pharmacy - These were the wrong pills - they were a substitute for the pink ones. They then advised me our little pink pills from TEVA are no longer available. We will now be getting these caplets.They are shipping them to me today.I have to returb these capsules. I already have a call into my Dr. I am concerned if these are made by another mfg. how will this effect us or are all Riba the same regardless who the mfg is.
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I don't think it's a problem. During tx 1 I received only capsules and the manufacturer changed a couple of times.  This tx it's been all pills, starting with the pink ones and now they are white aspirin-looking things. In tx 1 the riba came from a local pharmacy, in tx 2 both the peg and riba come from Aetna. It's the pharm getting the best price that they can.  A long time ago, I placed some level of faith with Aetna and the local pharm that the meds they supplied were the accurate bio-equivalents that I needed.
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Thanks - feel better - was a nervous wreck last night - I am sure by now you know how I over react to everything that has to do with  tx. My computer at home is still down so I had to wait till this morning to talk to you about this!
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I think we ALL "over react to everything that has to do with tx".  Considering whats at stake -  I thinks thats "normal".

  I also freaked the first time my riba looked dofferent.  My very patient and kind pharmacist explained about bio-equivalents and cost effectiveness as well as reassured me that he always presonally double checks the bio-equivalents to make sure.they are correct.

  A good pharmacist will talk with you about your meds , as well as how the meds may react with any supplements you might be taking. If you make friends with your pharmacist - it could make a BIG difference in your comfort level.
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Hey chick did you get the ones I sent to you?

It doesn't matter a WHIT what color they are or what form they are (pill, capsule) whatever as long as you are taking RIBAVIRIN.  It comes in MANY names Rebetol, Copegus...it's the same stuff just the non-brand name.

You'll be fine. It's the same components just different companies so it looks different.

As long as it's riba of some form and the same dosage just take it.  Who cares what it looks like - that is not important.
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Yes I did Deb and thank you so very much. I was thinking I'll just take those till they run out and then start new ones.
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Just let me know if you need anything else.

Those were from the lovely Mrs. O who helped me out when my insurance first refused to continue to pay for my treatments any longer (creeps).

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Did your ins. co ever pay for your extention? I know you are on C2C, but was that resolved? Did they pay for your consult? Hope you are doing okay. I have been thinking about your wigs lately...may be time to get one!
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I'm telling you - DONT hesitate if you aren't feeling good about your hair. Try to find one on ebay that looks like what your hair did and then get it. Psychologically it does WONDERS!

I've gotten so bad about it that I match them like shoes and pocket books to my outfits now LOL!  :)

The Aetna NEVER paid another dime (except they still have to cover my Epogen and Ambien and junk).  The doc told me many people are having this trouble because they are saying its experimenntal treatment.  Idiots. When studies PROVE things out you'd think thats it. But they dont WANT to pay.

Imagine that they would pay for a transplant though?  nice of them huh? Sorry we won't pay for six extra months to cure you but.........


Go on ebay and look up the wigs. Might as well have some FUN while on treatment! I tell you half of me says why do I ever intend to use my real hair again this is so much easier! :)
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Wow, congratulations on almost being done - 70 of 72 weeks - I can't even imagine as I am only on 19 now.  WHEW. Home stretch for you.

Also I am interested in wigs on EBAY - whats the price range on the good ones?  How do you tell if they are "good" or not?  My insurance FOR SURE won't pay for one - but I really need one for the ego boost and scarves just are NOT keeping my head warm enough and my knitted cap looks "dorky".
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Hey, that's an idea. When I am feeling crumby and the repair guy shows up, I can throw on a wig instead of wrestling with this mess of hair I have now. I can't see the back, but I do feel the bald spots...doubt I have enough for a comb over!

Are those wigs on ebay real hair? I saw a shop with wigs that looked interesting, but I am sure expensive. Didn't you say that we can get scripts for $500 for a wig?

Those darn ins. co's are awful. They sent me a letter that I can appeal, so my appellate lawyer husband is going to write the letter. I need to call C2C and see if I can get the meds...do you have their number handy?

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I am thinking about getting one.  Gosh mine is really starting to get thin in areas.  In fact my husband said last weekend...I think you are getting a bald spot.  I started to do a Donald comb over (kidding).  Anyway I have cut my hair short (at least for me...chin length).  Maybe I will check it out tonight.  I only have 8 more and hoping I can make it.  Literally at least a hundered or more come out when I wash my hair. Thank goodness I had lots of very thick hair.
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The donald comb won't work over my cowlick. I can't even put a band around my pony tail anymore, it falls out! What amazes me is how wirey it is, like a brillo pad, if I don't wash it everyday (I would really be bald if I did). Lately I have kinda been smoothing it back and sticking a clip in it without combing it. Looks lovely, but so does my wardrobe these days! That cashmere robe that has to be dry cleaned that John gave me for christmas, has GOT to go back. I can see the the drool and food on it already. Of course he bought a sexy nightgown to go with it. I think he had other things on his mind other than me being on tx and wearing it constantly!
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