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Open Thread/ Overmedication

Anybody ever doubledose riba in the morning?   I think I may have just done that, but so far I still recognize the face in the mirror.   Don't worry bout it?
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I wouldn't worry about it. Lucky you remember to take any with these meds! Just a suggestion - I made a chart up for myself or I'd have over/under dosed several times during tx. Just makes things alot easier with all of the brain fog.

good luck with your tx!
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Two.  Of course I'm not sure they're extra, so wouldn't want to cut back on tonight's dose.   Oh what the hay....   Just a little less replicatin' in virus town tonight.
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I had made the unfortunate mistake of a taking double dose of riba one morning when I was on treatment last march.  By 11Am at I had to cut from work with my emotions jumping out of my body! I pride myself of being a solid dude but this crud got the best of me. I cried for 2 days after this horrendous mistake. Called the doc
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I have the morning/evening pillbox that came with my Pegasys start kit (my MD gave it to me when I started, but I understand that all Pegasys users can get a care box via Pegassist.com).  Without the box, I'd have lost track of when/what I'd taken a million times by now.  You can also pick them up at any Walgreens, etc...though I personally like the Pegasys one...
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i was looking at this http://www.emea.eu.int/humandocs/PDFs/EPAR/Rebetol/087199en4.pdf
it includes an example of an attempted suicide taking 50x200mg of rebetol in one day with no adverse effects recorded.
They also took quite a lot of interferon.
S Hall
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Now wait a minute,,,me and you are still trying to adjust to our extra shot weekly and you go off and decide to pop a couple extra???  LOL  Yep,,,I agree,,,Pillbox! Mine came with my pegasus pack in beginning or I would go crazy.  You can't imagine how many times I have thought I forgot my pills and my hubby is laughing and said "you just took them" and I run to pillbox and its empty,,LOL  I can't remember from one minute to next.  Maybe you better not look in mirror today and just ride it out LOL  No seriously,,,You should be fine and take your other pills little later then usual.  Drink the H2O like crazy today also! Hope you are feeling ok today!!
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