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Opinion on various ADs

I know many here have experience with various AD's, would appreciate any opinions, recomendations, experiences etc.
Thinking about asking the Doc to let me give an AD a try..Is one better than the other. Any help would most certainly be appreciated.
Thanks, Pro
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I would say zoloft is a really good one but it sometimes has sexual sx. I am on wellbutrin I haven't noticed any sx while i have been on it. Either one would be a good choice
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I  have only used wellbutrin xl & Ihave not had hardly any sx. plus my G.I. said it could help with fatigue which it has for me.  Take care!
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I really appreciate the comments. I can get generics for Celexa (Citalopram)..anyone have experience with this one? Zyban (Bupropion, similar to wellbutrin) or Effexor (Veniafaxine)...not leaning towards this one...Of course I would perfer to chose from these 3 do to cost...I did find an interesting article on hepc and AD's

please keep the opinions coming..Just feel pretty blaaaa, no motivation, high fatigue, etc..Figured maybe I'd give a shot and see if they help...
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Does the wellbutrin xl effect your sleep at all? I read it is mildly stimulative
TIA, Pro
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When I was on the tx, I was put on Lovan, I did alright with that.  I have tried cipramil in the past and that was a milder one, but good.
I now take Avanza, which has a sleeping agent in it to help me sleep, but it takes at least 6 weeks to settle down.
Zyban is what they use to help people stop smoking, I tried this, and I had to go off it, I had psycho side effects, changed my personality so to speak, also gave me heart palpitations.
Effexor is alright, as well as lexapro, didnt have any adverse side effects.
Each AD effects people different, you would be well to try and get the right one for you.

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Hi. I am on citalopram or cipramil. I take 30 mg daily ( 1 & 1/2 tabs )
The usual starting dose is 20 mg and the maximum is 60 mg I believe.
Without the AD I find myself "not quite right :P "
I get no sx from it but I did find that after 8 weeks of pegasys tx and 20 mg of citalopram daily I was still a bit weepy and prone to flying off the handle occasionally at my kids.
For the sake of my family I increased my dose to 30 mg and things have been great for the past 10 weeks :)

Citalopram has few side effects and is quite a mild AD - apparently even though it is slightly older than lexapro etc it is still a favourite of Hepatologists due to it being reasonably well tolerated by the liver.

Zyban I used to give up smoking last year. It was great with that, but I did not enjoy how it made me feel. I would not in all good conscience be able to recommend it as an AD to anyone, but that is purely my own subjective opinion. I am sure it has probably been wonderful for other people.

Good luck with your search for the right AD, I am sure there is one in your price range that will work out great :)
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