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My husband is in his tenth month of Pegasys combo therapy.  If my child gets the FluMist vaccine, being a live virus, is this a risk to my husband and for how long?
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No risk.
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I would think it would only be a risk if your child comes down with the flu; which could be a possibility if your child is not at their healthiest.  They talked about the flumist on the news yesterday afternoon.  

If it were me, I'd call the doc first just to make sure.
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I heard from both my G.P. and the news that the mist is not as effective.   Joni
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My mother in law is a nurse at a local Dr.s office and when the flu shots came out this year she asked me if I wanted to take one, well just to be sure I called my G.I. he said to be honest he said I was the first to ask him that question, and with a lowered immune system (geno 1a) peg/co-peg week 40 and the WBC and RBC that goes with the tx he said to call the Peg hotline and they said that was a darned good question but would not commit to a yes or no. My question is what is influenza except another virus and if im taking 1200mg of ribavirin daily what chance does a flu virus have getting a foothold. I know ribavirin is not viral specific because they use it for other viruses, is this just brain fog talking or do I have a point?
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Actually thr Riba is used in some other countries to treat the flu virus. Here the FDA won't recommend it for that because of the side effects and the politics.
If your child does get the mist I would just keep hubby away from the more "liquid" parts of him/her for a few days. But even if he were to pick up the weakened virus the Riba would pretty much help him through. At this point I would worry more about the youngster than the hubby. This years type A flu virus is especially nasty for the little ones. Hubby can just go hibernate for a little while if he's worried about it. Actually, he probably wants to do that anyways.
Just for the record, I got my flu shot while on my tx anyways. It didn't hurt a thing and probably helped.
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Amantadine has also been used to treat and prevent influenza A

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