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Poll working on tx-restart

Hi all. I am re-starting the poll as we need more choices and would like to keep track awhile and get an idea. Choices are (and any more ideas, feel free.)

A.)  Worked- not a problem.
B.)  Could not work at all (starting in 1st mth.)
C.)  Worked, suffered through.
D.)  Tried, had to quit (after 1st mth.)
E.)  Had to go to total part time.
F.)  Lost job due to tx.

Sound good? Please note physical/desk type and for those who don't mind....age :}

                                                   Thanks, LL
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My answer falls somewhere between B and F.  I worked part-time at the beginning of my treatments.  Then, for a periods of time when I was off treatment I went back to work again full time.  Then, back on treatment-working part-time again.  Then, eventually, it got to the point that I was not able to function well and had to go on SSDI.  I did try to go back to work, once, when I was waiting for a decision from SSDI and only lasted for 1 day.  Part of my job was desk and part of it was physical, but mostly desk.  My problem was that on the fatigue and the shortness of breath and the inability to concentrate/focus, the inability to deal with people and on and on.  Fortunately, for me, I got the disability and had my husband's income.  I could not survive on disability alone-I need to state that.  My disability after the Medicare deductions comes to less than $12,000 a year and even that get taxed as income under the Federal Income Tax, so part of that $12,000 gets taken away in taxes.   Anyway, I'd be a lot better off financially if I was working.     Susan
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I had a desk job as a paralegal.  I'd say for me it was C then F.  I was actually forced to quit my job via discrimination 4 days after I did my last shot.  I had been employed  with the same law firm for 9 years.

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B.   dead in the water, flat on back and typing with laptop down on thighs where I couldn't see the keys. unable to sleep on either side due to pain, only on back. No sitting up even until wk. 4-5 in tx.

not the case for many if they get diagnosed and treat before in latter stages, but all the more reason to get testing and treatment sooner rather than later.

even here, I think those that can should try to work from home, even helping others in here helped me not to focus on the unbearable....doing nothing is the devil's playground, and that's no pitchfork!
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grounds?  for firing? reason given? discrimination for the HCV, age, or??  did they know of the HCV?
and so........Philadelphia comes to mind.
grr that makes me mad. Did you tell anybody?
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I write for a living, so obviously I *could* work, since I was able to write on the internet like in this discussion group. That said, the type of work I do requires going out and and getting work -- that I could not do because I was housebound most of treatment. Also, my biz has a lot of give and take, and not sure how well I could have handled that. It's one thing to hang up the phone on your friends and relatives, it's another to hang it up on your clients :)
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Along with your new post you should have people list their height and weight and if the smoke cigarettes.

Just curious.
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how many times can i enter  :O)  } 0 ) ]:O)
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I had been with the law firm for 9 years.  It was a small firm with 8 employees, all of which had been there many years with the exception of 1 person who had only been there 9 months.  Hence we were supposed to be this "family" so yeppers they all knew about my HCV.  The 9 month employee had issues with me.  Wouldn't use the same rest room, wouldn't touch the hand rail on the stair case, called me "the thing", refused to provide on the job cooperation, and told me not to walk  on her side of the building when  I was bleeding.  The attorney I worked for would not do anything as he said he can't fire another attorney's assistant.  Now mind you, the attorney I worked for was the senior partner and majority stock holder.

I finally decided that working in that environment was not a positive when it came to my treatment so Ieft while my dignity was still in tact and before I did anything that might be  considered assault.

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I worked until about week sixteen and got fired for "performance" (I got fired because ...well anyway).

I am now starting week 36 and to tell the truth it is a blessing that i got fired. i had a horrendous illness in week 11 and have had them continually since then, including cellulitis, pneumonia and five ear/sinus infections that were so bad that i now have a mild hearing loss. this is all related to immunomediation.

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A .worked not a problem
47 years old at the time of tx. non smoker Stage 2. HCV probably since about 16 years old. treated unsuccessfully for 26 weeks. Peg and riba.

Desk/sales/ management job. Never a problem at all working. On the second or third day after the shot, I was tired for the day and the day felt like I stayed up late the night before but that was it. I have exercised regularly since I was about 30 with 3 or 4 50 minute aerobic workouts per week.(swim,bike,or run).My red blood cells dropped by about 25 per cent so I could not run very fast and some of the steep hills on the bike were too tough but I continued with my exercise through treatment. My resting pulse is usually about 45 beats per minute but it went up by 10 to 15 beats per minute during tx. I cant remember exactly how long after stopping tx that I was back to full run and bike but it was not that long, a couple months maybe.
I am 50 now and I am continuing my same exercise routine, thinking that perhaps that was why my sides were so manageable and hoping that when I treat again the sides will again be reasonable.
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I'm 65 years old and worked 33 weeks of tx at an office job. I always had diarreah the 2nd day after my shot. I carried imodium D around with me because of that. I got in 2 minor auto accidents and my insurance is now through the roof after 40 years of excellent driving record, I have switched companies. I retired after 33 weeks of tx. My boss was mean to me. I don't know why. He had no compassion. I had great difficulty sleep through the night. It is better now 11 weeks after tx. I plan to work part time in March (temp jobs).
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C - I only missed a few of days of work but I did have a desk job.  However, I must say my brain power was limited.  On days of heavy anemia I just about fell asleep at my desk.  I would say I functioned at no more than 60% throughout treatment.  

But what do you do if you make a consious decision to stay home?  Stay on the couch?  I think it is important to stay busy physically and mentally.  I walked 3 miles 4 days a week for about the first 5-6 months of tx.  Then I just couldn't make it any more.  
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A-so far  ;-)
Only 14 weeks in but am working part time, physical labor.
I do smoke cigs, and weigh 125 now. (Started tx at 129/130)
This is the only time in my life that I sometimes wish I had a desk job.
Never had one before, I like to be on the go.  It's not easy though,
I do have to push myself big time especially in the mornings.
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   B. can not work ---------------47 years old -- physical job--smoker----7th week tx--------Hep c geno I

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For me it was A.)  Worked- not a problem.
Not all that tolerant and didnt sleep that much, but overall not that difficult.

Pity it didnt work
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OMG, this just kills me, so sorry to hear this. This is why we are pushing for tighter INS privacy and across the board testing AND more education to all occur simultaneously.
This HCV is not that readily spread, though to a germophobe that info would hardly matter.  
She probably comes in contact every day with carriers of various strains, and doesn't know it.
This is the one arena where peoples ignorance can ruin the lives of others.
Some day, they may discover many cancers are started by viruses.
For now though, treating at work for cancer gets you no where near the fear level that this virus does.
Keep you chin up, at least you've got all the great people in here!!!
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even though I wouldn't advise you to say what you are sick with, it may be advisable to admit to clients at least that you are going through a prolonged health issue....most will cut you some slack knowing that, whereas otherwise they may think you are cuckoo or losing it.
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yeah but Baklava is!!!!!      honey'nutty greek pastry oh my!!

scracthyhead, dude, you know I love you man,.. look at this though, not trying to offend you here but: or sound judgmental, but this has my own sound judgment concerned.
So here comes my psych minor:

I think you might want to let go of the” how much did everyone smoke drink weigh whatever” thingy,
In our own private conversation you did wonder whether people have "done themselves in". And I tried to dissuade you from that automatic line of thinking.
Alas now this work poll is being turned into your drink/smoke/eating poll?
I tried to reason with you privately,
But now publically I’m compelled to say that type theorizing really needs more contemplation.

It is neither  productive nor a cohesive theory to pursue; as it assumes those who suffer more (in latter stages to quote you) must somehow have deserved it or be sicker now due to self abuse. Not so in many cases.

Since you know my personal history, and I don't mind sharing it, to prove a point:
I don't know if my HCV exposure was from being gang raped in LA at age 12,
or a transfusion later at 30, dozens of injured cancer/accident/heart failure/hospice care cases I took on; the or a former husband at 25 (who prior to my meeting him used,
Or it may have been my own brief experimentation after losing both parents and grandparents at 14,  4 family gone in a couple years, did make me go crazy a little.
Also my exposure to 1000 nuclear tests paid havoc with my immune system.
The point is, each person has a different story, and none may meet or fit neatly into your theory, thank God.

BUT, while I don't mind being an open book,for the purpose of making this point on here,  not all feel the same., In fact, most feel the stigma and pigeonholing of every HCV person as a long time user/drinker/fatty etc. is flat out wrong. fully half the people had blood exposure through injury surgery, yet if they drank somethen what??? that's why they're sick?  How does the concept of never having known or been told fit into your neat little conclusions  here?

Aside from invasive into everyones habits, it’s invasive for the purpose of inescapable conclusions and  ultimately, it’s design is not just information but reach judgments.

Why: well this  may satisfy some prurient curiosity or need to categorize people, in order to understand this baffling disease….and yet in the end who really feels better afterwards, and at who’s expense? The guy who thinks “I’m not like you people, my feet are not of clay.”………………………. He’s the one with the real clodhoppers.

All this type questioning only serves to stigmatize already suffering people. How  lucky it is for those who were never raped by a gang of former prisoners, or who never ever did one thing to hurt their own bodies, or had someone expose them, (as every unprotected sex act does do to some extent, especially the violent ones)......
but the luck in lack of said events doesn't make those who didn't have any exposures better people in any way, just more blessed and protected, by the grace of God.
Nor do those who did have events, or even abuses, immediately qualify as low life’s either.

Nor does lack of life events or exposures make one immune to what the disease may do to them.
Maybe you are hoping to be more immune, because you had less exposure…..understandable, for you to try to find comfort there but….well, does this make you feel good, thinking we others are the screw ups?

Since I work now with at risk youth and their families, I can tell you that most drug alcohol abuse begins with violence and sexual abuse at home. Most people drown the sorrow of their own childhoods in even more aberrant behavior than what was done to them, or they drown their sorrow in booze and meds rather than deal with all the pain, trying not to pass it on, which seldom works.

The way we all need to recover is to stop being a victim, but to also stop blaming the victim who victimized you. Every case I’ve ever worked had real and horrific reasons people became involved in substance abuse, and the same can be said with emotional issue such as cutting, eating disorders etc. They usually all go back many generations, and must be understood to break free of them.

I'm just thinking outloud now with and for you:
scratchy you need to rethink your line of questioning and accompanying motives and check their appropriateness with your conscious, because you theory is based on little evidence and even less attention to detail, it basically assumes survival of the strongest, and fails to account for thing outside of peoples control whilst freely prejudging them on limited criterion. This really bothers me, and I’m sure  some others may concur as well..
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well I don't fit any...stoory of my life )

stopped geriatrics and emerg nursing to train for med-flight and took a blood test and BINGO I won the virus prize.  and viral load of 5 million for my first trip.  So me thinks I am done in the clinical setting 4ever
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I feel the same way at week 50 of 72.

What's your genotype and TX schedule?

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D for me.  Worked halfway through, then took a leave. This was before the time of procrit, so that might have made a difference. Might have been able to keep working if I had a desk job. Work with children, running around all day.    56 years old.
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56yrs old 5' 9''  220 lbs (now) was 248lbs at start of TX
geno 1a,  stage 2, grade 2. fibrosis

TX sucked i hated it, im a decision maker at the business i own
so many people asked me so many stupid questions, mentally
i thought i was going crazy during TX...no thoughts of suicide.
although i was short tempered and annoyed by most people during that time.

i was removed from TX after 31 weeks, non or partial responder.
i had had it with TX by that point anyway.

however i know i did my liver and my entire health habits a lot of good during TX.
i feel great right now and i plan to treat again in a calmer time in my life.
say 2009.

all that being said, i say go for it , you will do your liver some good,
try the tx and see how it goes for you.
you may not find it as harsh as i did, and if you do,
well then you just have another
decision to make down the road.

good luck
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Hola Lauri
I worked thru 48 weeks of TX  felt like **** everyday but I think it is much better to work and keep your mind on something else than how bad you feel. Some of my worst and depressed days were after a weekend of laying on the couch watching tv.  In the 50/50 club for SVR I am on the relapsed side.Later jeff
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Popping these to the top. Going to tally up in a day or two.

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