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Post TX Side Effects for the Long Term

Good thread and badly needed IMO. Thought I'd continue it for others to chime in if they want.

First, what Snookmeister said "That what they are experiencing, is not in fact "rare", or "uncommon", but in fact the reality for MOST.. "

I've been dancing around the "most" word myself, but it sure seems that way at least for those of us geno 1's who went 48 weeks or more. "Rare" I don't think so. Thanks Snook for being so forthright.

Looking back, I do remember treatment being harsh and hard, but it was always presented in terms of the treatment period itself. Not what I might expect down the road after treatment. Being the red-blooded male I grew up as, once I started tx became a challenge to overcome. The only problem is that the prize for many that "win" this game may be worse than what they had before.

As others have so well put it, doctors are focused on treating the liver and the side effects during the treatment period. Afterwards it's "adios" in either a nice or not so nice way. Whether they don't have the time, inclination or motivation doesn't really matter. What matters is that objective information isn't getting out there when it really matters -- when someone sits down with their doctor for the treat or not treat decision.

I used to scoff some at alternative treaters like Dr. Zhang who preached that the real issue was fibrosis progression, not the virus itself. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have given him a try first, even as a stage 3.

-- Jim
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If that didn't work out then maybe combo or whatever is available.

I just want to be clear that I'm grateful that combo treatment exists for those that need it based on their own informed personal decisions.

The problem is I don't believe all of us were informed properly. Hopefully this format will help some in this respect. Hopefully better treatments will soon become available.

Happy Fourth to all!

-- Jim
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Jim, just a word of encouragement for you. 15 weeks post seems long but I recall that at seven mjonths post tx my sleep was disrupted regularly-I would sleep 3 hrs max and then be wide awake. My thinking was still major brain fog and emotions extreme. Improvement was hard to see cause it was small increments. I mentioned before that depression was a harsh reality on and off. By one year post I was me again. Give yourself a break and only expect slow recovery. I'm truly hoping for the best for you-you've earned it(of course). Frank
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Hi all and Happy 4th if you can.
I am responding to "post tx sides for the long term".

I started tx 13 weeks back with type 3a and had little symptoms from hep c but showed elevated alt and ast but not very high, general health pretty darn good. Dr said no bx necessary as I decided to treat anyway. After 4 weeks UND and ast/alt normal range. I will visit the Dr Thursday to get results from 12 weeks PCR. I believe it will be UND. I have had some sides but the Riba Rash kicked in 2 weeks back and I am ready to QUIT. I can probably have a SVR. Let's say I don't have a SVR by relapsing in the future, the same could happen after 24 weeks tx.In the near future it might be worth waiting for vx950 or whatever else, if I relapse.The long term sides from Ribavirin and Interferon I am not sure about - let's face it, whose Dr does discuss this. Mine discussed a lot of stuff but now I would like to address the long term sides with him on Thursday. I thought I would stay the 24 weeks but if UND at 4 and 12 weeks it might be SAFER for me to QUIT and retreat with less poison IF and when that time arises. I am only stopping tx after being UND at 4 and 12 weeks with little or no liver damage. How wrong a choice can this be??? The poison is pretty bad too, & maybe I have achieved SVR.

Now that the sun is cooler I can leave my home to celebrate the 4th - no booze of course. Don't like the sun on tx. I'll check back later to hear how crazy or not ya'all think my potential choice might be, give my posted "stats".
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Yeah, that kind of through me for a loop too, ha ha! Jim must be trippin!!!! Too many Green Dragon Rolls!!!
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There is a tremendous debate about this question - scientists do not agree on the answer.  Some people consider them to be just a bunch of chemicals.  Other people consider them to be living parasites, because they require the metabolic
machinery of host cells to survive.  But they do reproduce, and they do have genetic material,  so many people consider them to be the simplest living organisms.  Probably
the safest answer is that viruses have both living and nonliving characteristics.
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Kalio says: Probably
the safest answer is that viruses have both living and nonliving characteristics.
Sounds like some of us during treament :)

Have a happy Fourth!

-- Jim
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