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Back in the early fall I started a spreadsheet on everyone starting treatment, mostly with the triple therapy, since about July.  There are about 85 screen names on it and I have missed many.  when I see people posting their PCRs and bad side effects, I try to get them on my spread sheet but I miss so many.  Can you help me?

This is what I want:
Start date
Whether you treated before or were treatment naive and if before, how many treatments and were you a responder, null responder, or did you have a break through
Are you cirrhotic
If you know your genetic IL28b - CC CT TT
VL at 2,4,6,8,12 - whenever you get it
Victrelis or Incevik or other
If you stopped Incevik early, when
If you had a really bad side effect
Whether you have anemia and have dose reduced, had transfusions, or procrit
Whether you have neuptopenia and have dose reduced or use neupogen

I will try to find a way to post it and keep it updated so we all can look at it somehow.   If nothing else, I can scan it and put it in my pictures.  


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I will start

start date 08/26/11
VL w4 -3920, w6- UND, w8 -UND
anemia - on procrit
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SD 8/24/11
Batts grade3 act 2
VL det 7.1 - 43 wks 4 and 6 skipped 8(no bearing on lenth of tx)
Nausea worst side but no major sides (blood levels low but stable)
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start date 9/27/11
VL w4 <18 UND  w5 <7.1 UND
itch, fatigue, no rescue drugs or dose reduction, yet.
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Start Date: 09/26/11
VL at start: 14,400,000
Treatment Naive
Grade 2, Stage 2
VL - week 4 - detectable but under 43 (lowest the lab goes)

Severe internal rectal pain (felt like shards of glass passing). Started about 4 days into treatment, peaked, subsided about 6 days later. Returned last week and has now subsided again. (This pain is well beyond the "discomfort" the literature states as a side effect. I broke out in a cold sweat and thought I would pass out, and I am a pretty tough person.) Hope that is not TMI, LOL.)

I included my starting VL because it might be interesting to know how many people with high VL get to SVR.
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start 7/27/11
Vl wk4 und, wk8 und,wk12 und
neuptopena--lukine and neupogen
Sx--Fatigue,itching,swollen saliva glands,lymph nodes,ongoing rash ,something different everyday except for plague of locusts.
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start date 9/27/11
starting VL 2,740,000
VL w4 <18 UND  w5 <7.1 UND
itch, fatigue, no rescue drugs or dose reduction, yet.  
i forget to mention edema in lower legs.
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