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Pot helps cure Hepatitis C

Revenire (Scott)....I thought of you when I read this one.  This should set you off:)

Medical marijuana users are more likely to finish hepatitis C treatment and so are more likely to be cured, according to a newly published study conducted in San Francisco and Oakland.
Other studies have shown marijuana relieves symptoms, but medical marijuana advocates said this could be the first to show improved cure rates for a life-threatening illness.

The study is by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and the Oakland-based Organization to Achieve Solutions in Substance Abuse (OASIS). It was published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. It found marijuana users being treated for HCV three times more likely to have a "sustained virological response," meaning the virus can't be detected six months after treatment ends.

HCV treatment with ribavirin and interferon causes severe side effects, so many patients quit the long regimen too early.

Of 71 HCV patients studied, 21 finished with a sustained virological response: 12 of the 22 cannabis users and nine of the 49 nonusers.

"Modest" cannabis use may offer symptomatic and virological benefit to some patients... by helping them maintain adherence to the challenging medication regimen," the study concluded.

Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C., issued a news release touting this as "a landmark study, showing that medical marijuana can literally save lives. Every day that our government continues punishing the sick for u
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This topic has the potential to be as insightful/inciteful as any religious or political thread. I can see and understand the benefit as it pertains to the relief of sx's to reduce dropout rates.  Magnum wrote a while back about his medical MJ and the process he uses (i think it's with a nebulizer/atomizer) which causes fewer of the hazards associated with the paper/smoking aspects.  I'd pursue the idea if I knew that the effects were no worse than neutral to tx outcome.  Bring on that ice cream, milk shakes and of course the Twizzlers.
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i quit smoking pot around 5 yrs ago but after reading this i called my old dealer and ordered an oz to help get me through tx. hehe
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Well, that was a nice post.  I legally grow my own from seed to harvest.  In fact, I can grow twice what I do b/I have a small raised garden and like the peppers and tomatoes too.

Contrary to popular thought, smoking medical marijuana on tx or w/ a badly damaged liver does not produce the 'munchies.'  I still have no appitite and even if I did, junk food-esp dairy-would be the last thing I want.

People don't get high, people get by w/o harmful 'helper' drugs.  I've posted several times that almost all my fellow heppers do cl and have a svr.  Organics all the way!

5yrs and 2 days ago I had a major esophageal bleed and almost died-saw the 'white light' and saw my body below me.  The Doc said I won't make it thru the night!  Fooled 'em.

2 wks later I was dx w/hep c-2b.  End stage liver disease.  6 mos @ the most...too sick to tx.  Well, I found a Doc who would tx me and a program S-P's Commetment to Care-to pay for the tx.  no insurance.

I cl'd in 2 wks and fin tx 4 yrs ago.  I smoked evryday.  now its less and only after yoga and weight training, etc.  kinda like 'happy hour' and also I still have no appetitie.

B/the moral is I'm alive 5 yrs after a major event that claims 90% of the victims w/in 5yrs-the bleed-and a 37yrs old hep c infection.  So pot can't be all bad or I would be dead.
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Thought pot promoted fibrosis big time.  so I guess it's a catch 22?

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I mainly put this one up as bait for Revenire....although I can see where smoking weed could take the edge off of tx.

Likewise I've read the data about fibrosis advancement with daily pot smoking.
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boy, i wish your repodt said heroin.
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I can't smoke pot...can you just IMAGINE how much ice cream I would eat?  My God forget about HepC my arteries would just close up shop and move downtown!

Since I use ice cream to take the edge off - man oh MAN it would be bad.

I wish I could though...It sure might make treatment more fun!  :)
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Pizza and icecream cure hepatitis C.
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Ice cream might be the least damaging of what I might woof down to take care of the munchy attack.

Gut bomb city is what came to mind as I read Mike's post.
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I don't think anything like pot will hurt you, when done in moderation.
Pass that over ;)
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Marijuana has helped me with nausea while on treatment.
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Perhaps T injections is what got you into this little predicament?  Just a thought.

For others it might have been crank or horse.  Smoking and/or snorting T was more than enough for me in my haymaking days.  But I never really was big on the hals.

I even knew a few who injected Angel dust, if you can imagine that.  Of course one of them was hauled away in a white jacket when he sat on the school corner watching the space ships with aliens landing in the parking lot.  I guess the boyz in blue weren't able to see the little green men as well as he could.
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