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Question for the women

Has anyone's menstral cycle been messed up on tx?
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Yes I would say, mine start very heavy for two days then almost gone. Very strange and lucky me my start day has been moved to the day after the shot (worst day for me) tx and periods don't go well together, but at least they are getting lighter.
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Mine completely and totally stopped 69 weeks ago when I started treatment.  to tell you the truth I'm hoping it's gone for good!

It is common to go either one way or the other...you don't have anything to worry about.  Most women seem to have the opposite problem to me though.

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Mine also stopped completely when I started tx. Im on week 69 too ( I think)
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LOL Like what we haven't twinned our way through this experience?
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Thanks, I am on week 29 and it had been coming regular till this last month so I was just curious if it was due to tx.
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I hope this helps someone, because I had some real difficulties. The good news is it resolved.   My menses occurred at normal times during period.  Although my normal blood flow lasting 6-7 days would last approximately 14 days during treatment.  The blood flow would stop and two weeks later, of course, it would be time to start again.  In other words, during the 24 weeks of treatment, I had a blood flow for 12 of those weeks.  The first couple of months were disturbing.  At one point, I thought it would cause my death (No, I'm not exaggerating -that thought was an interferon/riba based delusion.)

My situation, I believe was rare, in that there was something possibly occurring unrelated to menses, but causing the blood flow to be prolonged.  I 'heard' about the use of Interferon causing uterine sarcoidosis (uterine lesions).  Not to worry, it is a VERY rare side however, I found a small amount of information.  Perhaps, this may have been what I experienced.  I've talked to a nurse practitioner since, and she said if that was the case, it would explain the long heavy flow.  I've not been checked further, as the situation has normalized. This may be helpful:



Everything is now back like clockwork.  But it did take several months post treatment to resolve the heavy flow.  On another note, along with my year long post tx depression, I did feel even more 'odd' mentally for first 18 months post treatment during premenstrual time - cognitive and memory difficulties were far more pronounced during those four or five days.  That also has resolved.  However, I do feel more tired & a heavy feeling during those days, that were not there prior to tx.  Keep in mind this is a type of chemo and 'can' throw some into complete menopause, but it seems to be less the case with HCV treatment.   So, in other words, for the most part ladies - this too, is temporary.
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