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Riba rage? Any remedies for this? Please help--I have kids.

Week 8/24. I screamed at my kids last night (they're only 8 and 10--they're good kids who just act like kids).  I'm swearing at the dog.  I'm even angry with the fish--they have to be FED.

I tried a couple of anti-depressants and they made me feel really depressed, mentally and physically.  I don't really feel "depressed" even now.  I'm just way irritable.  

Any advice?  Is there a magic bullet (one that doesn't involve an actual gun...)?  Drugs for this?  I'm doing this treatment FOR my kids, not to traumatize them for life.
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Please if you find the solution let me know!  I almost drive people off of the road my RibaRage Road Warrior mode gets going so bad.  ;-)

It seems to me that I ONLY yell at those that I really LOVE - not strangers but my kid my mother etc.  It's horrible! It's like my GOD why are you BREATHING in there shut the H3LL UP you are so loud oh my GOD!!!!!!! Totally irrational yelling.

I love the antidepressants for keeping me MORE level than I would be if I wasn't taking them ... but for the RibaRage I've found nothing to help really at all.

It's two different things I think. Rage isn't depression.

I need anti-rage pills now too!
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Hi there algernon.  Let me tell you, I completely understand!  My husband and my poor 2 year old daughter cannot do much right by me these days.  I try very hard not to take all of my "rage" out on them, but sometimes it really is just impossible.  I would say one thing that has helped me is to make SURE that I have some time away, BY MYSELF, uninterrupted regularly.  It really helps to have some solitude, and with kids, as much as you love and adore them, that is hard to find!  I also often find that it is more the "noise" that my family makes that makes me want to climb the walls.  So, just lock yourself away in peace and quiet for a few.  I am sorry you are feeling like this, but boy can I relate!

Jim, I've been trying to reply to your neg. pcr post for days! Then I wasn't around over the weekend.  So, I know it is "old news" now, but I just wanted to say congrats!  It's GREAT news to still be in the clear.  And the end is near for you, to boot! Hang in there!

NYGirl, do you have a pcr coming up soon?  I thought you had mentioned getting it done before week 24, but I am not sure what came of that.  Just wanted to check in and see what your status is.  I am hoping you get some great news when the time comes!

Strator- glad to see your spirits are lifted a bit these days!  Sounds like you are doing a great job with that kid of yours.  Hope you continue to feel well mentally, and physically too of course!  What week are you on, what is your status?  Honestly, my mind is complete MUSH these days and I no longer recall things that I used to know.  It's kind of scary!
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How are you?  Was just asking about you yesterday, after not seeing you after your shot this week.  You and I both did #7, so how do you feel?  I'm having this metal taste in my mouth and can't get rid of it.  I'm even having a problem drinking water.

Does any one get the metal taste and if so what can I do for it?

    The Beagle

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Beagle, I had that metal mouth a couple of days and it's creepy.  I read that lemon drops help but I never tried it.

NYgirl, amommy: helps to know I ain't the only one.  I have to confess that I haven't thought at all about the "compounds" that got me into this situation more than 25 years ago--until recently.  I think that some of them would help to reduce this rage...

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Kalio-You're a fellow 3a, right?  What week are you on?

Which anti-anxiety drugs do most people use?  Do those drugs work right away?

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Hey there Mr. Beagle!  Thanks for asking about me.  #7 is done, and I am awaiting #8 on Thursday.  Everything is ok.  I feel so gloom and doom that all I can muster is an 'ok" especially knowing that I am one of the lucky ones who is clear at the moment, and I have livable sides.  However, tx is still managing to take it's toll on me.  Oh well, this too shall pass!  We will all get through it and hopefully every single person in here will get SVR!!!!  
How are you holding up?  Are your blood counts hanging in there?  Are you in NY right now or elsewhere?  I'm full of questions today! I'd love an update when you have a few!  Are you a geno 2, I cannot recall.  If so, are you doing 24 weeks?  
Hope you are having a wonderful day today!
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