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SCH 503034

Studies with the protease inhibitor SCH 503034 are just starting in Europe. Does someone have more info about the substance? How does it compare to VX-950?
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I haven't heard much about sch503034, it seems Schering Plough is keeping a lid on it pretty well. Last I heard it didn't have quite the apparent antiviral effectiveness as VX-950 did when dosed for a short period of time as a monotherapy. But I haven't heard anything more about it in regards to its risks, side effect profile and whether or not it retains its effectiveness longer and better than telaprevir does when dosed with IFN both with and without ribavirin. And another interesting future possibility would be the prospect of combining telaprevir with sch503034 and interferon and/or riba. Probably would have a very bad rash side effect profile with all of those in the mix, but for those lucky enough to avoid that, I'm sure its antiviral performance would be awe inspiring.
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Without Googling I don't have the exact information on 50303, however, it was fast-traced by the FDA soon after VX-950 was fast-tracked.

The initial results weren't as dramitic as VX-950...overall there was like a 2+log initial drop in VL in 20 days verus a 4log drop for Vertex.  What I did like about Schering's trials is that they are taking geno 1's both naive and non-responders.  Vertex only accepted tx naive people in their first trials (Phase 2 now open to non-responders).

I was offered a spot in the 503034 trial and declined because it was 12 months in duration.  I'm hoping for something a lot less that will still get me to SVR.

I've written this before that Schering-Plough is a huge pharma company with deep pockets and a lot to lose because they also manufacturer Peg-Intron.  It's been uncanny how quiet Schering has been about their trial.  It was over a year ago that I was asked to join the trial, so maybe we will see some information come out of the Barcelona meeting.

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follow this link there is a great presentation about thisdrug in combination Idenix Pharmacuticals. I think it will be one of the highlights of the meeting

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Here is some interesting info. on SCH 503034 and the addition of Ritonavir. It looks promising. I know Vertex gets all the attention but these other up and coming protease inhibitors deserve more focus, particularly since we are seeing some troubling problems with VX in the trials. Let's hope one of them pans out. Maybe SCH503034 will be it. They sure could come up with a better name for it!
Hope you are doing ok and not having too many side effect problems. Hang in there!

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Hi Kalio,

thank you for the interesting link. Someday there will be a bundle of different treatments against HCV!
I am doing quite well. Severe pain of the joint of the left hand would drive me crazy, but since I am already crazy, it doesn't matter :-)

Regards, drofi

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I could be wrong, but off top of head, I think VX-950 still holds the record as regards to which PI gets you to non-dectible sooner, and that may be the critcial factor in the end. Vertex trial results will be made public within a month or so and that's what I would base any decision/comparison on. So far, we've just had some anecdotal cases here, but IMO overall it sounds very encouraging.

-- Jim
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The real critical factor for all of the pipeline drugs is SVR. That is what matters. Plenty of people have kicked this virus on SOC drugs who didn't clear in the first month so Im sure that early clearance is not  the only factor. If the patient can't tolerate the drugs and has to stop that ruins the success rate and that is a problem with VX rash.

The fact that we had a trial participant in the non Riba arm not clear the virus is troubling too.
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Hey guys...I'm new to this forum and just saw this subject line.  I'm getting ready to start a trial w/this drug in a couple of weeks.  I go in tomorrow for a bunch of pre-tests...EKG, lung xray, electrocardiogram, eye exam, and I don't know what else!  

They told me this study is for naive patients w/genotype 1 only.  I've been waiting for something more promising for my genotype for 12 years so now I'm going for it!  Giving up my "virgin" status was not easy, but everything that I'd read about this drug helped convince me (along with the fact that my viral load did a big leap this year) that it was my time.

There will be five of us in the trial from New Orleans...and 400 across the country.  This study has 5 arms...all get the same drugs but with different lengths and differnt points when the new drug is entered in your protocol (they all have pegintron, rebetol and SCH 503034, but 2 are for 28 weks, 2 are for 48 weeks and one is for 54 weeks).  Of course, it's all random so I won't know which I'm assigned until we begin.

One thing that concerned me was that in the small study I read about w/this drug...the patients were given 400 mg a day for 14 days.  In this particular trial, we will be given 800mg 3 x/day...big different.  I don't know how comfortable I am yet with being a guinea pig...but I have to trust that they will be watching me and my reactions/sides closely.

Anyway..it's all happened so fast!  I've been crusing along just fine all these years and now all of a sudden, I'm preparing for the battle :)  Got all my support options lined up, my house in order, and talked w/my family and friends...figured out what day will work best for my daughter and dh (she's 7 and we homeschool).

So, anyway...wanted to let you know that soon, you'll get first hand report of what this new drug is like :)  Wish me luck!

Denise in Louisisana
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Ouch - so many typos in a first post...where's my spell check! :) ~d
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There's a post over at "Janis and Friends" where someone enrolled in the Shearing U.S. PI study appears to be non-detectible at week 2. Only one report, but still wonderful news.
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