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Saw on CNN a report that said transmission from mother to girls much higher

          Mother to child transmission of hep-c occurs significantly more often among girls than among boys. Results of a large european study  Go figure.

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Here's the link.
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Here's another link. LOL. Hope this finds you well.


-- Jim
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Here's how tinyurl converts:

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Geez, yours was so much shorter..........I think my link was longer than the story LOL
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i've had hep-c for at least 20yrs and i have three girls; 18, 15, and 11.   i've had them all tested and thank god they were all negative!  that's pretty scary.
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Couldn't said prev: "Geez, yours was so much shorter......."


That was you in the men's room the other day ?
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LMAO! I actually retyped my post, as that is originally how it sounded. But you wouldn't let me escape gracefully! LOL
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I'd like to mention that as a boy, who contracted HCV at birth from my mother, the RISK is HIGH enough!!!!
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Amen I can see how you would totally be the one to understand THAT!

It's like a bad lotto - but you will beat this and be FINE.
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I don't know if you missed my response in the other thread regarding increased riba near the end of treatment.

I remembered you said something a while back about extending your treatment a little beyond the 48-weeks with either more riba or peg. What exactly did you end up doing or did you just treat to 48 weeks with normal doses?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm thinking of added a little riba at the end and/or staging down the Peg from week 48 to 60 but haven't come to any decisions. As a matter of fact, I'm starting to feel yesterday's extra riba which leads me to believe that if I'm going to extend to 60 weeks on a lower peg dose, I may have to forgo the extra riba or vice versa.

-- Jim
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this always gets me wondering if my riba dose should be higher?i weigh 210(hey i'm 6'3"!!) & my vl at trx inception was 9,000,000 (i know,i know) but well down from personal worst of 23,000,000.........i am currently chokin down 1200mg a day ,i did manage to talk my way around the 12 week vl test ,so should have some hard data about progress at 4 week ,tho i won't get this for a while longer.....Heck what's my question?? i will cross that bridge when i get to it!--if warranted i can up the riba well befor 12 wk test,right?...I am presently takin all that my docs ever allow,so i shall need to marshall lots of info&moxie--but then i can find plenty of willing coaches&cheerleaders (from whence comes the sports analogys??)ohh so then i switch to old english!!--it's been a rough couple of days at the homestead,kinda buried on the couch,feelin real BLAH:headaches,body aches,bloated,weak& go figure-depressed about everything!!! week 5 sucks!!--just got shipmnt of more drugs tonite,i have 7 weeks worth sitting here,initially satisfying(takin care o business..) but it also overwhelming all that chemical poison i gotta keep swallowing dutifully--Oh well,it's my job for now to Cure ..sorry for the ramble,thanks for insights&levity
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Well, I did exactly as Schiff advised, and only went 48.. I did however throw in some Riba for and extra week or two post, as the Peg has a cummulative effect, and is still in the system following tx. But as far as Riba, I sort of followed a "pulsing" method. I know Califia also tinkered with this method.
I was 175lbs at the start of tx, and Rx'ed 1000mg of Riba. Was undetectable at week 12, and stayed the course of tx without ANY dose reductions or preemptive meds to counter effects. I was however becoming anemic towards the latter part of tx.
So like I said, I started at 1000mg a day. On weeks when I felt good, or "better", I would up the Riba to lets say 1200. If That took without a noticable change, I upped it to 1400mg. At 1400mg I noticed headaches, anxiety worsened, and I felt like ****...So I dropped back down to 1000mg. Once I felt a bit better again, I upped it back to 1400mg, and on somedays, 1600mg. Again, sort of "pulsing" with the increses.. There where a few days when I took as much as 1800mg, but for only a few days. I would then drop back to Rx'ed levels to stabilize.
I especially hit it hard toward the latter part of tx, as I figured I had already accomplished my 80%, and could risk the increses without the threat of being ordered off.
I wanted to go longer as you know, but followed the advise of Schiff. My PA wanted me to extend half dose for 6 months to a year post, following the guidlines of the HALT C studies.
What I was told abouit the Peg, especially Pegasys, is that it metabolizes slower. It has a half life so to speak, and a cummlative effect. Say you stop tx on Friday, well the following Friday, you will still have half that previous shot in your system. Then the following week, half that. Not sure if theory is correct or not, but that was my reasoning for continued Riba post my last shot.
Right now I'm 3 months post the stop of my tx, and I feel great. Body is still achey, more so than on tx, but my stamina and energy levels are up dramatically. I will get lab work done in the next week or so, and a PCR to see if I won this battle.
My 1 month labs revealed my ALT to be down to 21, which is a GREAT improvment, as my ALT's NEVER normalized during tx.

Good luck with whatever you do, and don't give that drgon ANY sympathy!! Kick him while he's down, then kick him again! Heck, kick him again, then drag him behind the car!!! LOL.
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