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Starting trip #4!!!

Hello to my old friends on here as well as new ones to be made!

I received my Harvoni and Ribavirin today and am starting tomorrow or Saturday.  6 months this trip!  
I am so relieved and determined to keep the fight up to slay the dragon.  I am grateful for the meds, my job which provides excellent insurance and my amazing support system of family, friends and fellow warriors on this site.

It's my 4th round (1999 Ribavirin and Interferon 3x/week for 24 weeks, 2012 Victrelis, Ribavirin and Pegasys 24 weeks, 2014 Sovaldi, Ribavirin, Interferon 12 weeks), so I can't help but feel a bit wary and admittedly, a bit weary.

So.....deep breath, hold on tight, I'm back on board and here for all you warriors and allies.  Thanks for being here for me!
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You will slay the dragon this time.  Adding the ns5a inhibitor is the key.  Its seems strange to me that being a non responder  it wasn't added to the Sovoldi and riba.  Maybe your doc didn't like going off label.  Good Luck
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The very best of luck! You certainly are a warrior lady!!
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Wishing you the very best with your journey xxx
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you go girl,,gotta be rough starting again but you will defeat this virus..I will be following your progress an praying as always for all my friends here to beat this thing.  Will be looking forward to your post of claiming the victory. Take care.  Mary
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Sue:  You go, Girl!

I believe the combo is rigjt this time with the additin of the Ledisprevir, so Harvoni plus Riba shoulf do the trick.

PLUS, IMHO, they should have put you on 24 weeks Sol/Riba last time, since you had had previous failures.  Still, I am not a doctor, so what do I know?

This is doable!  We are here to help, to cheer you on, setc.

Get that Dragon!!!!  : -)

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Hey there, I really admire you, 4th time? Wow! Like Pat said, you go girl!
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Ready, set, go!   For me, very tolerable.
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All of us felt so bad for you when you last relapsed. This will be the one for you! You are an inspiration for all of us. I know you will let us know how you are doing. You're time has come to slay the dragon!
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Thanks everyone!  Friday is day 1.  
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Onward into battle warrior woman! Slay your dragon.
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Best wishes for a good treatment and for SVR.  Three weeks ahead of you on same protocol and managing fine, definitely better without interferon.  Fourth time will be the charm for you.    
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Sue, could you please let's us previous triple Tx'ers know at what point did you find out you relpased? Did you achieve SVR12? Or SVR24? Paranoia runs deep :-| Thanks!
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Hey Suzie Q

Yaaayyyyyyyyyy!  So happy you are treating.  This will be the last Tx you will ever have to take!

Knock the dragon out, you go Dragonslayer chick!
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Solvadi, Riba, Interferon? This is an odd combo. I'd say Solvadi/Olysio Ribaviran is better for previously treated. I wonder what the doc was thinking? And as Patra said 24 weeks would have been better.

I gasp at your courage and resolve to keep going. Can we take a bow to you and cut the ribbon for round 4 and a new lease on life? Claim it. HCV Free.
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