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Sun Exposure Has Helped My Skin!

I see a lot of warnings on here to avoid sunshine. I also saw one post where the person said that sun helped them. I'm a boater. I get a lot of sun. I use sunscreen when needed but I also like to get a tan. Now that I've gotten a start on a basic tan I feel better. My skin is no longer blotchy red and white. The itching is almost completely gone. I have no more rashes or sores and I look a whole lot better. I just wanted to share that.
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Carl I was wondering about you today! It's good to her all your good news. Happy also that your able to keep boating! So the sun is helping, that's great. But do be careful, don't get to much. :):)
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Go with what works for you.

We are not all the same~ despite how much easier it would make it for the docs if we were :)
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thats great news Carl that you are feeling heaps better and the sx are reducing! It is no fun thats for sure.
I'm wondering if the sun thing is more related to incivek rather than victrelis?
I was one of the ones that could not have sun on my skin and I was on incivek. Since finishing the incivek 3 weeks ago it is not an issue anymore. yay.
The sx sure affect us all differently.
All the best for the rest of tx.
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Thanks everyone. Maybe it is Incivek that doesn't like sun. It sounds like Incivek might be a nastier drug than Victrelis. Yes, I'm feeling better now and summer has lifted my spirits too. I'm on week 14 (triple, 1a).
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I'm a boater too, and noticed the same sun issue.  The first day or two in the sun, with sunscreen, I did get a small blotchy rash on my face, but on the third day it started fading and hasn't been an issue since.  I'm using Victrelis, week 21. The arrival of spring/summer has really helped!
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Great news all the way around for you!  You sound great and the sun is lifting your spirits so that is good news.

Yes, the sun does affect us all differently.  Although I am through the incivik I still can't be in the sun without an ugly rash raising it's head.  In my case I believe it is the Riba that keeps me completely covered and out of the sun.  However the beautiful weather keeps me happy and one day the sun will be my friend again.  At least I don't itch so no complaints about the head to toe gear.  

Keep moving forward and enjoy your boating and sunshine!!!

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  I was a Victrelis user also, and when April came, I only got the blotchy rash on my belly and back, the parts that only get sun during the summer.
   Like you, once I got a base-line tan, it was no longer an issue. But I did cover up when I wasn't swimming, so I never "sun-bthed", and I wore sun-screen on my upper chest, which has thin skin and reddens easily.
   Vitamin D3 ups are chances for curing, and I did cure, and I did sit in the sun with my friends, at the coffee-shop, everyday at Noon.  I wore a sun hat, but the sun felt great on my fore-arms, ect
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             so glad to hear that things have improved qiute a bit for you.  i was on incivek for 48 weeks.  sitting outside in the sun helped me with  my mental issues.  it gave me somrthing to look forward to everyday, and the tan covered up that pale vampire look.  good luck the rest of the way to svr.        
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I remember that next time around BoGal.....
I could just feel my skin being sensitive & I have dark skin....I'll try a different approach if I start soon....
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Just don't overdue it on the boat Carl.  I went down to FL last winter, walked on the beaches and got on the boat, and the sun was like a magnet to me.  It just felt more intense than it usually did.  And I did get burned in some places where I didn't have enough lotion on.  But it was nice to get out and do something different...like watch the winds and snow howl all day :)
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I wanted to post an update on this. Jules is right about not over doing it. Some sun did improve my skin and completely stopped the itching. Last week I spent 2 hours in the sun with sunblock only on my face. I got burned a little and a couple of blisters when normally I would have been OK. IDK which one but one of these triple therapy drugs really messes with your skin. So be careful and get only small exposure times before breaking out the sunblock! If on Incivek you might need to avoid all sun.
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I am in 1200 mg riba per day currently about to start week 8.
(Gilead ION-1  trial)

We all respond to riba differently.

I have been out in the sun and it has not affected me....yet.

Since I work outside a lot I also figure it might be worth working gradually up to a tan, instead of a crash course. I think our skin will tend to be more sensitive when we are on riba so GO SLOW.

Once rashes start.... they may be tough to get rid of, so  be careful.

FWIW..... vitamin D may help us with our response rate...
We also have to balance this against the possibility that a bad rash could cause us to have to reduce riba.  
And it may be further enhanced in the summer and/or if we are on Incivek
We don't want a riba reduction, and a BAD rash could also signal a stop in our treatment.

I am in a treatment without interferon or a PI, so my results should not be compared to many others.

Rash, particularly is summer is fairly common with riba usage, so remain cautious and proactive.

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