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This might be a useful site/open thread too!

Good morning....hope everyone is well! I have to rush to work but wanted to post this FREE patient advocate site address. It has alot of info that can help us!I'll be back here tonight! Positive thought your way, Annette
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This link didn't work for me???

Getting closer you guys. Doing #21/24 tonight.  Going for bloodwork Monday. I hope all stays well this time around. I saw the bottom of the bottle of Riba last night when I re-loaded my pillbox.  YaHooooooo!!!
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<a href="http://www.patientsarepowerful.org/index.cfm">Patients Are Powerful</a>

Great site! Thanks.
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Wow, you are getting close!  Hang in there and keep your eye on the prize.  You have been an inspiration to us.  You will make it!!! caruu
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Good morning everyone.  Need some input on this rage stuff that happens.  Last night was terrible.  Without going into too much detail about the actual events I'll just say that the kids got into some fighting and I had just had enough and started yelling, although my intentions were aimed at protecting my step daughter who had been wronged by my daughter well somehow everyone got offended and my husband and step daughter ended up saying that I had somehow wronged the two of them.  My husband and I went to bed not talking after argueing several different times over the matter.  He says my outburst was out of line and I'm sure that it was at times but I really got my feelings hurt when his daughter and him somehow twisted it on to me.  I can not stand these "Riba Rages"  any more.  How do I control them.  I am on 19/48 feeling better than past days but still bad.  The dr. increased my AD three weeks ago up to 150mg. a day of Ellexer (sp)and I can take up to 20mg xanax in a day but usually only take 5 - 10 mg. daily.  The riba rages are not that offten because I really bite my tongue a lot so there are no problems but that is just so hard to do and then I open my big mouth and every time it comes back on me that it was me out of control.  Help! Please tell me how I can stop these and do they get worse as we get further along.  How do I stop myself from hurting those I love.  Thank you all for listening to me and for any input.
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I had the same riba effects, I hate that stuff. I used Xanax to smooth my moods out, it generally worked but there were times when I flipped and nothing could control it until it passed. Little things bothered me: a dishrag left on a counter, a comment made by my wife or children or a co-worker (and work was the hardest place to compose myself but I had to). It is hard for the families to see their loved ones sick but when we are in a riba mood patience, after X amount of episodes and months of tx, wears thin. I wish there was something else I could say to you except hang on and talk it over with your doctor. Maybe a different AD might help?

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does your husband &/or kids know that u r on this tx and that it has terrible side effects.  It's right in the med insert.  Maybe u should show it to him so he understands it's from the meds and not u losing your temper.  I'm not proud of some of the riba rages I've had but it's not my fault.  I hope he has a nice talk w/ the kids and maybe they can all learn to lighten up on mom and also among themselves.  It's hard to deal w/ the tx plus the stress of everyday living.  Good luck to you.
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