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Tongue And Nose Pain

My tongue and the inside tip of my nose are so sore i cant even sleep.....does anyone else have this while on treatment? Didnt have it till a couple of weeks ago and im about 13 weeks in treatment.
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I've posted about so many strange sx the past 11 months that i was hesitant to add this one as well, but . . . .

Yup . . . I get the same thing,  not on the tongue but on the insides of my left nostril.

It's like an annoying little pimple in the wrong friggin place, like nasal hemmorroids.

It comes and goes and is very irritating.


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With Hep , just this last year, I kept getting a strange tongue problem ?? Not like yeast, but raw, brown looking. Well guess what, on tx it's back, and raw as h*ll. I got Nystatin oral suspension, helps a lot. swishing as we speak before work :}
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the mouthwash helps with almost any mouth problem.

i tried the ayr nasal gel on the sore part inside my nose. it helps.
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I had the sore tongue/mouth thing all the way thru treatment. I usually love spicy foods, but jesus my mouth was so sensitive I couldn't eat anything even remotely spicy. Something as bland as ketchup (or catsup, whatever) was even too much. I just accepted it as a byproduct of treatment, but sounds like some have found relief with certain remedies. I know it's miserable, but just hang in there best you can.
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Thanks yall at least im not alone......man i love this place. ; )
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My tongue felt like I had burned it on hot food the whole time I was on tx. I drank plenty of water, but I'm a mouth breather at night and I wonder if it was constantly dried out. I'd wake up with my eyes glued shut from dry eyes and my tongue like a piece of cotton with a sore tip.
Good luck, you're not alone...
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