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Treatment considerations; Newbies; Scott; MikeSimon; TnHepguy; All

To those considering treatment:  When reading this forum regarding tx sx, please consider the age of the virus in those posting.  I was diagnosed with HCV in within 12 - 18 mos of having contracted the virus. (Life Ins blood test results neg).  I am taking PegIntron/Riba, I am a 48 yr old female and my sx effects are minimal, I am slightly anemic which accounts for the fatigue I sometimes feel, but other than that, I am doing fine.   If you are recently diagnosed and considering tx, ask about the age of the virus in the person posting severe sx; I think it should be a serious factor expecially if you find yourself afraid to begin tx.   I am 18/48. If sx deteriorate for me, I will definitely post them but from my personal experience, tx is a breeze so please don't be afraid to ask more questions before you decline tx.  I was clear at 12 weeks; so far, so good.

To those suffering severe sx: You all know from my posts here that my heart goes out to each and everyone of you and I wish everyone minimal sx and SVR.  I'm not usually very sentimental about people I don't know but I find I really care for each and everyone of you here and I don't want to minimalize what you are going through.  I hope you all understand that, but people considering tx need to know that tx isn't always bad for everyone.  

Chevy & Cuteous posted earlier about severe sx being the result of hosting the HC virus for many years, does anyone know of any published studies on this issue?  Please forgive me if I missed an earlier post on this subject.

Kindest regards to all:)
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Very good point, as I have talked to many people who breezed through tx without a problem. As far as time of infection, my mother has had this longer than me, and took a few shots in a clinical, and had not one SX.. She was kicked out of study, as they where testing Sx's..I think it is all individual, and there is no gaurantee. Only way to find out is try it, and be well informed before hand.best wishes to all.
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Just finished tx (48-48 ) I'm 58 yrs. and have hep-c for at least 30 yrs. My sides were not to bad as others I've read about on this site so I don't think age and length has much to do with it. Everyone re-acts differnt. Thats just my veiw.
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I've had hep c for probably 35 years. By the way I turned 55 Thursday. This is my 3rd tx. First was regular interferon 3 x per week plus 800 mg. ribavirin. The sides were rough. Second round was Pegintron at reduced dose and 800 mg. ribavirin and the sides were quite bad, maybe worse than the regular interferon. This time it's Pegasys at 180 mcg.(full dose) and 1000 mg. ribavirin and it has been fairly easy. I do have anemia and low platelets but I think that is typical of transplant recipients. Other than that I have no complaints and it's been 70 weeks of this last round. That's it. Mike
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Just anecdotyl but a clos friend did 48+ geno I not cleaar at 12 but becausr it was a trial they continued 1 post tx  bright as a button all hair back suffered few sx never missed a day of work.
And at 40 she looks around 20-22 *itch.
She contracted through needle stick as a burns nurse. Found out whenshe went to pick up a picture from a passport booth,someone had planted a use needle where the photos come . But the hcv had been there for some time. Got to be worth a shot eh?
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Happy birthday Mike. I like to refer to you as "Iron Mike".  However, Scott is giving you a run for your money!  You guys are like the Energizer bunny....just keep going and going and going.  I bow to each of you for your determination, courage and thoughtful comments regarding HepC.
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Happy Birthday, Mike..
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