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Referring to your post yesterday, suggesting I go with redipen as I am overweight, have been considering it after what i have read here. Did you suggest I would lose more weight on pegasys? I need to lose weight as I also have fatty liver, no doubt it would help my high BP which is usually 150/100 with meds. Went through archives last night to learn about others in weight gain, noticed alot of hem put it back on after tx. you asked, I am Geno type 1, couldn't find viral load tests, will ask doc about it. Do you know of a site where it explains requirements needed for hep-c testing, thanx
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If you take the Pegasys, you will get the standard dose, one size fits all people over (I think) 160lbs, of 180mcg.  However, if you get the peg-intron, you will get a dose which is based on YOUR weight.  If you weigh more, you'll get more medication which makes it more likely to work for you.
I'm can't remember the exact weight for the Pegasys dose, but I'm sure someone will step in and correct me.  I've not heard of anyone losing more weight on Pegasys, I think it's just not as well suited for people who are over probably 180lbs.
Let us know what you decide to go with.  Good luck!!
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there is no way of telling who will lose, gain or remain at the same wt on tx. No one can tell. It is as individual as how many side effects will be experienced with the meds.
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I don't think either interferon has been found to be more likely than the other to cause weight loss.  However, I did read a study recently which said it appeared Peg-Intron was better for overweight people possibly because of the weight dependant dosage.  You can probably locate it with google.  Previous studies have shown that overweight people respond less well to combo treatment.  Perhaps because they need bigger doses.
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of all the sides i've gotten; the one i would welcome is weight loss - loss of taste; but nooooooo. haven't lost any appetite and maybe only lost 5lbs.  although i'm eating less and better, im not getting enough exercise; but starting water aerobics this month so maybe i will lose!
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I am getting impatient waiting to get started in the study, called again today am waiting for answer,I want to make sure I am going to get the proper dosage, and not placebo etc; if thats what the study is,I will opt out,I want to get at it and get rid of it the best way possible, would like to get the show on the road, will let you know when I start and I think I will go with redipen & take my chances with sx's. I am 25lbs overweight michelle so like you I hope I can lose and keep it off, will try my hardest, have always been thin till the menopause hit me YIKES my metabolism just shut down and never got going again, and I eat way less?????
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I was on the pegasus & copeg tx & lost 30 lbs. I've been finished for a month now & eating everything in sight & gained 5 lbs already.  My taste buds was messed up for about a week or so after tx but they are back to normal now.

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