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Has any one lost weight just after one week?
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I did my second shot last night at 10:30 pm. Before I went to bed at 11-ish, I took an Ambien for sleep. This morning I'm feeling find. First shot just like this one so far. Only things that I have experienced/noticed so far, is fat wasting in my arms, legs and face and a little fatigue now and then. If I go out then as soon as I get home the first think I do is sit down to rejuvenate. Has anyone else lost wight? I lost about 6lbs. I hope I don't turn in to skin and bones and start looking like a zombie. I don't want to frighten other family members and friends away from me. Last night, I ate a 1/2 baked potato, charbroiled N.Y. steak, brocolli, and salad. This morning, I'll have the other have of the steak with some eggs and toast (couldn't eat it all last night). I want to work on not losing anymore weight. I guess the further shot will be worst or not. I drink from 2-3 quart of water a day. I put an ounce of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera contrentrated juice in each bottle. I also drink Noni juice, which give me energy. I was able to exercise on the trademill for an hour yesterday. I started on exericising for just 30 min a day and have now advanced to an hour. I believe it the Noni juice working. Good luck to you all. We just have to be strong and not give up. I hope some of the things I do can benefit others. BTW I'm 59 years, not a spring chicken.

Mkeela thank you for your prayers and you and this whole support group are in my prayer nightly.
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I hope I have as much energy as you when I start treatment.  I'm glad to know that not everyone has the same awful reactions to treatment.  As least there's some sort of hope.  What is Noni juice and what does that do for you?  I think eatiing healthy is very important.  Sometimes it's hard to make time to eat properly.  Do you have any dietary items that you would recommend?
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yes, some do lose weight after the first week and others further down the road.  Nothing to worry about, it's normal.

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Glad to hear you are having light sx. My appetite is very diminished, then I can eat, eat, eat! At first I ate a lot of ice cream, I mean bowls and bowls! It was the only thing that made me feel good and I could get down. Now I drink Ensure in the morning with my meds. Usually, I have an appetite at dinner. I have GAINED a few pounds. I think this was from steriods I took last month. Before that I was eating all that ice cream and not gaining a pound.

Great you have energy for exercise. I sure wish I did. Most likely another reason I have not lost weight.
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AWE!!!! Your such a sweety. I was sooo worried about you I even got "in trouble" for asking if you were ok in a new thread..LOL..I'm so glad to see you post, and to hear your doing so well with sx thus far. I lost 6 lbs the first week (which I can stand to lose about 80lbs anyways..lol)but that was it...bummer. Maybe its just the initial shock to your body thinking its fighting the flu etc. and all...(hence thinking it's producing interferon). Most folks lose whieght while having the flu I think. Boy, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well on tx so far!! God is blessing you!!! Mkeela
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Thank you all for the positive feedback. Tahitian Noni is a Liquid Dietary Supplement - Tahitian Noni juice is the first and orginial product of its kind. The integrity and value of tahitian noni juice is recognized on every continent.  the mysique and legend of the noni fruit have been passed from generation to generation, dating back to the ancient people of today's french polynesia.  Some people apply it to cuts, red eyes (a drop), burns etc. I drink from 1 to 2 ozs a day. Its made from Morinda citrifolia fruit processed in Tahiti. To get the orginal and full strength find a Noni distributor in your area. If you see it at costco, don't buy it because it not the orginal.  btw, pls don't think that I'm sx free because I'm not, I do have sore muscles at times - one night my lower right side nearer to back  was so painful that I could not lay on it.  I finally prompt a pillow under it to keep me from rolling over on my side. That lasted a day.
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