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acute hep c symptoms?

What are the typical signs of Acute Hep c?
When do they happen? How long after exposure?
I have read most of the time it happens around 5 to 9 weeks after exposure? the reason I ask this as I developed what I thought might be symptoms around two weeks 3 days after exposure would this be unusual to develop these symptoms so early from a sexual exposure?
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Hi - Most people don't notice their symptoms as they are not severe enough to seek medical attention.  They are more a passing thought than anything else.  I was acute last Spring and had symptoms that I would never have guessed were the result of HCV.
My symptoms were brown urine and extreme fatigue.  While the brown urine only lasted a few days, the fatigue was persistent - but again, I would not have seen a doctor for it.
Your symptoms do not seem usual.
Do as much research as you can, don't panic and stay in touch here and you will find your answers.
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On the other hand I had projectile vomiting yellow everything, and could not get out of bed to save my life
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6 weeks after you were infected with hep c that happened to you ?  
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6 weeks after nothing happened?

This all happened around three weeks after exposure..

Would that be too early to be acute Hep c symptoms.

When did you guys develop symptoms?
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"When did you guys develop symptoms? "

After 30 to 35 years.
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I meant how long after infection did acute symptoms develop?

Sorry to be confusing.

Also to add when I had these symptoms my doctor ordered a whole lot of bloods including full liver enzyme tests, and ALT and others were all normal?

Could these symptoms still be acute Hep c?

Seeing they were,
1) at around three weeks not 5 to 9 like in studies
2) Liver enzyme tests were normal
3) It was from a sexual exposure no visable blood involved.

Do you think that this is me being afraid, or these could be acute hep c symptoms?

Also how long typically do acute Hep C symptoms last?
Mine were only for a few days at most.
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"Do you think that this is me being afraid"

LOL, yes.  You've started multiple posts about the same thing.  

See a doctor.  Get some serologies done to get a baseline.  
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First off hepc is not an STD and is very unlikely to be gotten via sexual exposure, almost unheard of.

If you were experiencing acute symptomology it could last you for months, not days.

Go to the doctor have him run a PCR to find out if you have a viral load and if you do chalk it up to being the one in a zillion person who catches HCV without any blood to blood exposure.
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