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dental problems

Hello fellow heppers, I've done two rounds of treatment and still have hep c. I have needed quite alot of dental work since being diagnosed and treating hep c.Yesterday I was told I have severe gum disease. I'm 42 years old. I'm seeing a periodontist tomorrow. I did a quick web check yesteday and found that there is an association between hep c and dental problems. Can anyone here share some expierence or knowledge on this suject? I was also just diagnosed with hep c related osteoarthritus

                                           Thank you

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i had the periodontal disease dx about 4 yrs prior to dx with hepc-never thought about the connection until you mentioned it-very interesting-they had to do some very intensive cleaning even had to graft the bone around some of my back teeth-sounds way worse than it was-nothing at all like the horror stories i had heard-all went very well until the hep c dx, bx & then tx and i prograstinated about going back for cleanings etc-on one side the bone grafts came out during tx-haven't been back yet to see what is involved in fixing these-since your post tho-i'm rethinking my procrastination-i'll be very interested to hear what your dr says in regards to bone damage from the hep or tx-hang in there and take care
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i was diagnosed with gum disease about 8 months ago. the dentist told me it was hep c related and i should see a specialist. i have not gone yet. i do not have excessive bleeding or irritation, yet. i did have a crown break but no big deal. when i saw the specialist he said the gum disease wasn't that bad but it will get worse if i don't get it fixed. good luck to you and take care.
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In 1992 thru 95 I went to a dental school for my dental work and they could not believe the amount of cavities surfacing each time they saw me, which was frequently. they tested my saliva to see if there was any connection. Nothing. I was thinking about writing them to suggest hep c testing in cases like mine. Teeth fracturing have been part of my life since then, I need about 6,000 bucks worth of work. It is depressing. Just had another extraction from a fractured tooth and need another done. Someone posted here last year about her husband loosing bone mass in the jaw and teeth problems, all related to hep c. Those that keep saying is a slow moving disease, keep this one in mind. Interferon makes things worse also. So IFn finishes what hep c started in many cases. Not too many studies on this one out there at all.
It is good to hear from you once in a while. You guys and Betty, her daughters, and all those of us close to each other need to have a get together at Panera or Pancho Villa or something for the holidays, or shortly after. I hope we do.
If not, have a great one.
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About the dentist. I was told and always tell dental workers and anyone in the medical field, including eye doctors. In CT I guess they notified the state before they even notified me in a letter, saying the appropriate state and local health depts have been notified. Actually it was picked up in a detox and they notified the state.
Interestingly shortly after I was  notified my son and I began using the town's dental clinic due to our insurance. I told them I had hep c- well actually in my ignorance about this back then I used the words-I was being treated for hep c. I just thought if the dr knew and we were discussing options it constituted treatment(boy was I wrong). So this past spring I was due for a cleaning and had to make an appt with the extraction guy for some minor work I've needed for years. The hygenist who had been working on me for two years was about to start in and asked how treatment had gone. I told her I wouldn't be starting for a few months (at that time). Wow. She stepped back very upset, took her gloves off and said "I thought you told us you were on treatment. I explained but she told me I would have to come back with a note from my dr saying I was on treatment and that dental work would't be a problem for me. After waiting 2 hrs for the appt I wasn't in a great mood anyways. I looked at her and said "You mean like a hall pass from the teacher in jr high?" and left. I told my doctor who shook his head and said- she's just trying to protect herself. He wrote me a rx to carry that said I'm medically able to have  work done, though I've opted to wait.
As far as dental problems I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Considering all the booze & drugs I'm suprised they aren't falling out. Maybe I keep lucking out cause of the stock I come from. I've mentioned  what a bull my 82yo father can be. He has 7 of 11 siblings still living. The 3 oldest are 90, 93,and 96. The 96 yo worked his farm til about 89. The 90 yr old was a widower in his 70's, remarried at 85, and DIVORCED at 88. Guess she was  slowin' him down.
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Thanks for all your comments. At first I thought I was just negligent of my teeth-I did skip brushing some bad days on treatment- but now I feel some is hep c related. I think some of the options are implants, bridges fake teeth  and grafting if the gums are really bad. I'm not sure about treatments and maintenence. I just switched to NYU Dental School since this has been costing thousands and they are half the price. My first dentist I did not tell of hep c since he had very reassuring sterility messages in his office. This time I told them and they didn't seem worried in any way. Cuteus I love Pancho Villas and it would be great to get together there.I guess we'll have to get virgen Margeritas.
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Hi, I also have bad teeth and have had lots of dental work.  I don't think the teeth have anything in my case to do with Hep C.  We start to get bad teeth in our 40's.  Esp people who may of had poor nutrition as children, etc.  Gum disease is one of the most common illnesses in this country.  It sucks.  Make sure you get your teeth work done as teeth health is also an indicator of other health.
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Hello.  Well my husband has hep c and had periodontal disease (and two surgeries prior to discovering that he did, and they say he needs two more eventually), and I have had periodontal surgeries and do not have hep c, so my question would be how do you know if it's related the hep c or just getting older?
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I still can't imagen doing 2 rounds on the TX or more, this is ONE TIME ONLY.....
I have alway had bad teeth do to using drugs and I know my teeth have gotten worst since i started the TX.. And i am so ready to have them fix but can't because of the Tx and i figure i will have to wait til at least 6 month after the TX to get them fix..
i have come down with infections in my mouth in the last 3 months that the doc said it yeast infection and I take nystatin mouth wash..  I belive it from my teeth and i brush everyday and use mouth wash too, and lot of it to do with my wbc being low 1.0..
So anybody have this problem tooo infection of the mouth??

Have a Great Day All

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Sorry you are having all the dental problems. I have heard way too much of this from people completing tx. I think the culprit is the interferon that drys up the saliva which is anti bacterial.  Decay then becomes established easier.  I think interferon also can cause thinning of the bones and therefore teeth.  It has been suggested on this forum to increase your teeth cleaning to every 3 months on treatment

I have bad teeth and gums but believe it to be genetic and related to a lack of floride in the water where I grew up.  Also, as most know, any past history of drug abuse - especially heroin or meth amthetimines can destroy teeth, and that damage may not show up for years.

My dentist just said to floss and brush more often on tx. He  said to suck on sugar free mints or gum to increase saliva. He also said that he uses universal standards for protection -- goggles and gloves - which protect the staff, and he said he did not think you could be turned down for care with Hepatitis C.  The problem is that it makes some doctors and hygenist nervous so they do it anyway.

azgirl -- I find the actions of that old lady nurse to be totally ignorant.  She really should be written up.  I have not told my blood drawers that I have hep C - it should be evident from my charts - but they too use universal protection procedures.

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I too am noticing dental problems. I have had a tooth chip on me and I've also noticed some discoloration. No matter how often I brush it seems they have this yellow tinge that won't go away. I never noticed any of these problems before tx. There have been times when I was chewing that I bit on something hard and now I'm wondering if it wasn't a tiny piece of tooth that had broken off. I wasn't eating anything hard at the time but the more I think about it the more I wonder what the meds have done to me. I also have noticed symptoms of cryobulimenia(sp.?) Is this something to really worry about or not? All the signs fit...things like bluish/purplish bruise like spots that don't go away, when I get cold my hands hurt so bad and I have numbing and tingling in my feet and hands.  My doc does not seem very concerned but I am and I wonder if it isn't time for a new doc? Never a dull moment on this stuff is there. I am waiting on my bloodwork results to see if I am still undetectable...will let you know as soon as I do. In the meantime, hope you all have a great holiday and hope you all are feeling ok.
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I have all those problems too.. had perio treatment before I started tx, not ideal, but did not know I was going to accepted on trial & my gums had gotten so bad I could not put it off. It's not that painful these days, they use high pressure water, lots of injections though... my mouth/gums are so much better. The main problem I have had is teeth cracking on tx...
Am 4 mths post tx & have not yet gone to dentist, cracks are getting worse.

There was another post about this recently... the one thing I can recommend is the colgate mouthwash peroxyl, it's great for this sort of thing. helped me immensely... here's a link to the product.

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get a second opinion, maybe a rheumatologist.
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Gotta agree with Kalio, teeth are a weird entity. I know people who have natural protective enzymes that take really pretty bad care of their teeth, and nary a tooth problem. Then others like me, who are really fastitidious about their teeth, I brush after every meal with a sonic care, if I'm out and about I brush anyway with my traveling toothbrush, and floss after "every" meal.

Even if I just drink fruit juice. I go through floss like no one else. Yet, regretably, I still have teeth probs. I'm now paying thousands for root canals, crowns, bonding, you name it. But then I am 52 and the eyes and teeth go first at my age. (Sorry for the visual! he he he.)

It's probably hard to tell how much of the blame lies on the virus, because sometimes when I quiz people on this, they'll tell me it's the virus, yet they'll be in their mid-fifties (which is the age that the teethies are going to start giving probs anyway.) And/or they don't take the best care of their teeth, so many contributing factors. So maybe it's the virus for some, but like anything else, it's multi-factoral and hard to call with some people.

But then chemo-therapy is another consideration, I know from talking to many that that's a big contributor because of the drying effect if gives your body, and when teeth and gums are dry, the bacteria are free to do their job. (Hope people on tx are using mouth moisturizers, anything and everything to help this. Biotene or something stronger, gels, etc. I'd also do a little mouth rinsing with aloe vera juice and water, not to mention just drinking the stuff as well. It's great for keeping moisture in the tissues. Also, no products with any alcohol! A notorious drying agent. Actually, no one should use mouth wash with alcohol because of this, but will they listen to me??? he he he)

And yeah, I've often thought to myself, well, if I start treatment, am I unnecessarily paying for this darn crown on a root canal, when the whole thing will just rot out anyway once I start taking taking treatment? I've heard this from a few people. But I don't want partials so I'm just going ahead with it anyway, and let the teeth fly where they may! Who cares if I could of bought a new car with what I'm paying my dentist!!!

A Public Message from the West Hollywood Tooth Fairy....
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Nice name :)

I had periodontal surgery 10 years ago, I wouldn't wish that on anyone...It hurt something awful, my cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk and stayed that way for a week!!!

I am not on conventional tx, and just found out I have HCV in May of this year, but I am sure the virus is what caused the dental problems...Since I had the surgery I have been getting cleanings every three months and that works fine, no more problems...

*the dip*
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My teeth are beginning to fall apart - but I had read in here that cracking and breaking and cavities and things could be expected.

Going to make an appt and see if my old dentist will take me now that I am "contagious, diseased, infectious" mess that is ME!  


He better cause the teeth are driving me bonkers.
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Hi Debby :)

How you feeling these days?  You go the anemia under control yet?

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Forgot to add, there is the phenomenon of "soft teeth" - what I have that I inherited from my parents. My parents started having major teeth probs before I had, and neither of them have hep c. Just soft teeth that don't fare as well. Maybe I lasted longer with my teeth because I do take really good care of them.

Off the subject, kinda, but I have been hearing rumors that they had been able to synthesize the element in some people who have really good teeth that last a long time...a natural enzyme that scientists have been able to duplicate...but the dental orginizations have squashed the patents on it because it would essentially put dentists out of buisness, or curtail their business greatly. For all you conspiracy theorists out there. he he he.
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Hey everyone....I don't have any dental problems and I haven't tx'd yet.  However this did bring up another question.  Do you tell your dentist that you have hep c?  I was going to schedule a cleaning but I have to go to a new dentist because mine left the area but didn't know if I should tell them.  I am inclined to tell everyone but just wanted your thoughts.

Also when I had a hida scan the other day they had trouble getting the iv in my arm and so this really old lady came in and she tried and didn't get it.  When she came in to do it she didn't wear gloves so I told her she should wear gloves and informed her I had hepc.  She said oh that's okay.  Then she wiped my blood with her bare finger.  I asked what the hell are you doing?  I just told you I have hepc.  She said oh it's not that contagious.  I asked for someone else to come in and try since she stuck me 4 times already and the other guy already stuck me twice.  I hate needles ugh....shiver.

deb in az
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I am absolutely ASTOUNDED.  Just ASTOUNDED.  How in the world....in this day of not only HCV (I mean maybe you are ignorant of this disease) but also AIDS and other things can any responsible human being just say "oh just blood?"

My GOD that irresponsible woman could get it and contaminate so many, many people somehow!  She should be reported. Sorry but I can't believe it!!!!

VEGAS - anemia under control it seems with the two shots a week.  Don't have my new numbers yet Doc told me just go every two weeks since I've rebounded.  Last time I went up from 9 to 11.1.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE! No where near "normal" but this is WAY WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!  :)

I have not been posting as much but I have been reading hee hee.  You are still a VERY silly little dip aren't you?  And you SOUND really good lately.  Are you feeling good?  :)
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hey y'all...

the reason I know that my problem was HCV related is because of the bone loss...I had a bone density test not o long ago and it came back fine, but after talking to my dentist about my pockets he said if there is bone loss mostt likely it is related to the virus, if not then it's just bad dental hygene....well I am anal about my teeth, after going through the peridontal surgery I got even worse...He also said that implants are not something he could do on me because of the bone loss...if there's nothing to drill those suckers into you can't get em!

just more of my 20 cents worth....have a good day!
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First of all I have got to stop reading Kalio's posts.  I seem to say me too! way too often. I have been a regular at dentist 2 x yr for oil change and filter.  Around June, just before TX, went as usual and he said 'boy, you have bone loss'.  Was referred to a perio - haven't gone yet, waiting til after TX!  So, now don't know if it's age, HCV, TX or what.  But it seems like the possible list of signs/symptoms of HCV or tx gets longer every day.  Can't wait til my 'train wreck phase' of life is over. This stuff impacts a lot of us in a lot of ways.  Why can't HCV take something like ear hair and make that fall out?
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Yes, looking forward to healing over time and taking my life back.  As it works out last peg night is 1st day of vacation for 2-3 weeks in Dec.  Hope to begin/continue some post-tx and post-hcv lifestyle changes.  HCV-TX, assuming heading to SVR, was a wake-up call that I will not ignore.
Have a good holiday yourself and be well.
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yea i have lots of teeth problems too, amazing how many of us are in the same boat...also inherited soft teeth from my da but i think maybe all the years of drugs & drinking didnt help either...my gums bled a bit during tx and i was only on 6 months so i did not have to visit the dentist during tx, but right after i had to get 2 teeth pulled...and yes i told the dentist about the hep, anytime you might bleed around someone you should tell them...
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I know I'm beating a dead pony here, but I talked to my dentist the other day and he said you can have even bone loss by the time youre in your late 40's early 50's even without hep c, many can and do. I know they are able to graft on gum for receding gums now, wonder how that effects the bone loss?

Of course years of partying isn't good for the old teefers, but I also think years on not flossing properly could even be even worse. Maybe one of the reasons partying is bad for the teeth is because if you go to bed wiped out high, youre less likely to brush and floss your teeth before bed, so the little bacteria are partying in your mouth so to speak. ha ha! Not good.

And of course, drugs can wreak havoc, anyone's bound to get Jerry Springer mouth if you use powdered drugs cut with god knows what.

I do worry about my teeth on treatment though, but maybe that's the least of it, I hope so. Hair is up there too, I'm ashamed to say.
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