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fallen in love with man living with hepatitis c

I met a wounderful man some months ago who later told me he has hepatitis c i knew very little about HC before  so i researceh a little,i love this man so much i would like to have a family and children with him but after reading that these a possibility of contracting HC through sex though this is not proved leaves me confused. if i decide to stay the rest of my life with him would the children we have be HC negative ?? would i have to worry everyday that i will contract  hc from using some of he's staff will i be scared from every little headache he has thinking it could turn in to something serious ??   pls help .
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I had it for 10 years before I knew i even had it and my husband who was my boyfriend for 5 of those years never contracted it.  We were obviously intimate and did not use protection.  We even shared toothbrushes on occasion.  He never tested positive and from what i know the only way to pass hep C onto a baby is if the mother is positive for Hep C.
Is he seeing a doctor?  Go to his doc with him they will alleviate your fears.  
Even when i found out and was on TX, my doc said there was no real reason to use protection.
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ultimately, it will be a decision you have to make for yourself.  although the chances of transmission in a regular heterosexual relationship are low if you two take precautions, the very small chance still does remain that blood to blood contact can result in infection.  generally i would caution against sharing of razors, toothbrushes, needles or other mediums of blood transfer.  i think it is very commendable that he informed you of his status, so perhaps you should do him the courtesy of doing as much research as you can, and make the best decision for yourself and him.

in general, hcv is not passed from the father to the children through birth, and rarely from the mother to the children through birth.  after birth, your children would have to take the same precautions on sharing certain items as you would.

as DMPA indicated, perhaps you can see your own doctor or go with him to his doctor to ask your own questions.  keep asking the questions and you should find your answers.

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While the chances are very low it is possible so the best thing to do is practice safe(R) sex and follow the rules...(not too hard - use condoms).  If you are in a completely monogamous relationship the chances are supposed to be low IF you don't have anal sex or sex with period time...and make sure not to tear any skin that could go blood to blood.

They say toothbrushes and razors and things so just know and be careful about that stuff too.  I had to have both my kids tested because I never knew that.

If you just can't, the chances are very low and you just might want to keep an eye out but most likely won't get it.

Most of us in here really have no idea how or when we really got it - so that is something to think of too.
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I've been around for awhile, been to more then a few support Hep C groups, a lot of these types of boards, and I have yet, yet, to meet a person who thinks they may have gotten this through sex with another person...in this world anything is possible, but I really don't think that this is some kind of huge factor, or even a small factor for that matter, or else the stats would be coming in like that, as with HIV and AIDs....and they just aren't...

Although I have to add that there are people who say they don't know HOW they got this, (and this does leave an open question) but when you factor in: unsanitary nail salons, dental offices with unsanitary procedures, ditto medical facilities, tatoos, toothbrush or shaving utensil sharing, etc...

Any situation where *blood* to blood could be a factor, these situtions do open up questions themselves...

In the Hep C support groups I went to...there were many men who had Hep C, who were there with their wives and/or live in Significant Others, and none of the SO's had it...and many of these people had been together for many years before they even knew that the SO had had it, and had not been employing safe sex measures...I do know of a few wives/girlfriends who had it also, and the husband/SO did not contract it either...

I'm not saying to go out and "not" practice safe sex measures, far from it, people should always practice safe sex...I'm just pointing out that Hep C is a BLOOD TO BLOOD disease...

You will find the same types of expereinces on these boards...most everyone CAN pinpoint reasons why they would of gotten this, mostly from needle use in drug experimentation, and hospital incidences, blood transfusions, needle stick accidents for health care workers, etc....

I don't see any, any reason why you couldn't live happily ever after with this person, as long as you have an understanding heart...just don't use his personal items, anything that could possibly have blood on it...and don't employ "rough sex or anal sex" any practice that could possibly draw blood...and when you think about it, how many of us employ practices that draw blood from one another?

And personally, I wouldn't use a person's toothbrush or shaver blades, etc whether they had hep c or not, ha ha!...

Of course you might think I'm biased, cause I have it myself, but I don't think you'll find much info to counter what I've just said...try to see him as a person who has this disease, and not define him by it, ...we all are pretty much normal people, with the same lives and concerns as anybody else...in fact, a lot of people don't even know they have this, unfortunately...Also know that there are a few drugs now in the pipeline that are looking pretty good, much better then the current drugs, so keep that in mind as well...

...good luck to you...
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I just don't know that I would say "most of us" don't know how they contracted it, from what I see, many of us do have a good idea...not to be picky...
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Somehwere between coolgirl's 'use of some of he's staff' and NYgirls 'not too hard' there is a question to be asked, for the longer term.  If he has hep-C, what is HE doing about it?
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Just to make a correction in my post..in the support groups I went to...there were a "few" couples whereby both people in the couple had Hep C, but they said they were both drug experimenting when they were young, as many others had...I just thought it was telling that there were so many couples where one person had it and the other didn't...
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"fallen in love with man living with hepatitis c"
(tounge in cheek)
We HEP C guys are a separate breed of guy, coolgirl.
Renegades living on the edge, tempting fate and daring life.
Many of us HEP C guys can't be tied down too long or we get ramblin fever,(to go along with the regular fever)
That's right, were trouble, the guys your mother warned you about.
Be very careful... A HEP C guy is a man's man and he will break your heart. LOL.


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From my situation I will tell you that as near as I can tell my infection must have occurred 30 years ago.  It wasn't until last year when I was going through treatment for alcholism.  My Doc ran an extra panel because my ALT and AST was not rebounding as normal from my detoxification.

It was about 30 years ago when I met my wife in high school, we later married and now have 3 wonderful children.  I figure it was my recent bout with drinking which depressed my immune system to the point that the HCV was able to take off and establish such a foothold on me.

To make a long story short, when we learned of my condition, my wife was tested and found to be negative.  We are still considering whether to have our children tested since she tested negative. But because of the manner in which this disease is transmitted, it is possible to have a loving relationship with someone who is infected.

But as another pointed out, you may want to put some thought into what he is planning to do about his condition if you are serious about establishing a long lasting relationship.
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As a follow-on to 52tele train of thought 'Sexual Changes: Some people with hepatitis C have a decreased interest in sexual activity. Decreased sexual response and lack of intensity of sexual response have also been reported. Sexual changes can be an upsetting symptom of hepatitis C. If you are experiencing sexual changes, talk with your health care provider, and your spouse or partner. There are things that you, your health care provider, and your partner can do to help you have a satisfying sex life.'  More reason for the b/f to be fully aware about the disease he has.
More interesting information about hep-c can be found at janis7hepc.com.
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What IS HE doing about it?  One would think the person with the disease SHOULD be the responsible one but unfortanately as in case with my xhusband = he just told me I couldn't catch it from him (in the mid80s they didn't even know what it was yet and that is what he was told).

However today EVERYONE knows it's a transmittable blood borne disease and HE should be taking steps to protect hopefully someone HE loves.

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Should there be a reference to "4 hours" and "the emergency room" in your post somewhere?
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