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fatty liver

I am 32 and about 40lbs overweight. I recently had my gallbladder removed due to a large stone. When they did the ultrasound on my abdomen, they also stated that I had a fatty infiltration of the liver. When I asked the Dr about it, he said it was nothing to worry about that it was due to the malfunctioning gallbladder. I also have a elevated ANA of 1:1280. But nothing has ever became of that either. Should I get a second opinion? And would my elevated ANA have anything to do with the fatty liver? Also, how can I prevent my liver from getting worse. My alt lever was 52. This is the first time it as ever been elevated. Thanks. Seuss
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fatty liver is normal in overwieght people but, it can also be a sign of a more serious condition. NASH  non alchoholic steatosis is a desease where the liver becomes fatty and also begins to get fibrosis and cirhosis. my girlfriends mom had this and she had to get an organ transplant eventually. obviously alchohol causes fatty liver too and that eventually becomes chirhosis as well. if the person keeps indulging. fattyliver is also caused by hepatitus c and esp. certain genotypes like 3a. (which i am and have fatty liver as well. but, i'm overwieght so my doctor says i have to loose wieght or even after i clear hepc my liver will still progress to chirhosis).

have you been checked out for further liver problems to rule out the "badies"?  if so you can relax because the fatty liver could just be because of being overwieght.  fatty liver in and of itself shouldn't make your enzyme levels raise. so if they are higher than normal, you got something going on and i would get all the tests. perhaps some one else can comment on them,as well as other things to look into. (hcv test ect...) hope this helps. this is just what i have gathered from my studies please check all this out with your dr. and don't let it go? hope you find out your fine. sandi
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I'm gonna jump in and tell y'all about tonite.  Now, flashback 2 yrs ago and I had just leaned I had hepc which had lead to complete liver failure and was sent home to die.

One year ago, I was in my last few weeks of 24wks of treatment, peg-intron, 2b, already cl@ 3 1/2 wks. Feelin' ok, just home from the gorge after seeing BB King.

Tonite was magic, nearly one yr SVR.  The nite was clear, warm and James Taylor put on the concert of a lifetime.

I remarked on the way to the gorge that I must have come full circle.  I'm my own worst example, and my own best example.

When given the choice, I threw everything I could muster against this invading virus that had dictated parts of my life.

I fought the dragon and I WON!!!  And its worth it.  It is so worth it.

This year
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Sorry to ask a question here but I have been trying to for a while and whenever I do, it is already full.
I finished tx in May just got my 3 month blood workd back recently and I am still virus free --- YEAH!! I had Hep C, 1b, I am 49 and they think I got it from a manicure since I they can not find any other way I could have gotten it. Anyway, no matter. My question is- have any of you that have finished treatment experienced joint pains since you stopped TX? My knees hurt, and my feet hurt. I worked all through the 48 weeks of treatment, I walk every morning and most nights for an hour. When I get up in the morning, my joints really hurt. Once I start to walk, they limber up a bit but they always bother me. Does or can TX give you arthritis? I plan on going for a test for that but to tell you the truth, I am sooo glad not to be on any medicine now that I just couldn't bring myself to get anymore tests!!
Congrats to all who made it through the treatment and for those of you who are just beginning or in the middle of it, hang in there. When you hear that you are virus free, it sort of makes all the pain worth it in the long run.
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Congratulations Andrea! No relapse by 3 months is a wonderful place to get to -  you're now about 95% of the way to cured. Sorry about the joint pains - flareup of autoimmune disorders is common during tx and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) could now be  active (though it seems strange that it would only bother you after tx). Hopefuly Layla will see your post - I believe she has direct experience with this.
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Here is a site that tells about nonalcoholic fatty liver,


New Soujourn - congrats and thanks for sharing some of the happiness and health you are able to enjoy these days, after the really tough past couple of years!  Good DEAL!! Yea!!

LIGirl - I think it was you that said you are having joint pains esp. in the legs and feet, post tx.  Well, I am the opposite, I was having so much pain before HEP C diagnosis, that is why I kept going to the Dr and how he eventually found the hep C.  Now after 3 months on tx, I dont have the pains any more (not since week 5-6).  

I stayed up till almost midnite last nite, trying to get a new question to post (my lil website).  But nope, wouldnt let me, then again today, oops all filled up again!  Thanks all for submitting info for my site and I will be updating frequently.

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itook my first shot last night i am 2b on pegintron 1/24 had a very sweaty night and pretty good headache but motrin and sleep helped.hope to be writing the same as the others on this post....
one thing though..from reading these posts i am becoming very aware of all the little aches and pains i have now...i have had for years pain in my knees and hip from a motorcycle accident...but it has been increasingly painful(before tx)should be interesting to see if it changes one way or the other
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I have no gallbladder and a fatty liver liver number was at a 80 until my doctor told me to go on a low fat no bread diet  got it down to 50 but, with no gallbladder you can't break down the fat which the liver stores so limit fat in your diet nothing fried ever! Take some milk thistke to clean your liver out and once you detox your liver keep a clean and simple diet. Thats yohr best bet.
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