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for Jim: herbs and stuff

jim i see you were interested in herbs etc.

well i'd like to give you my own take on this stuff...

herbs: for the liver, people in pakistan traditionally use chicorium intybus (chicory) and solanum nigrum.  
so you can add these two to the herb list.  in pakistan they are especially popular for quick recovery from hepatitis A.  chicory was used in italy a couple of hundred years ago.  solanum nigrum was also used in ancient greece or so i read.

About foods: Daikins and sugarcane juice are reputed to have anti inflammation effects on the liver.  Daikins are famed for their prophylactic liver action.

i see that you, like many others here, are interested in healing your body post-treatment.  that is understandable.  i think you need a holistic approach.  

1) if you are concerned with maintaining your SVR , and using herbs to help do so, i'd recommnd milk thistle.

2) for bodywide recovery, dont forget to add aloe vera.  it really is a miracle plant.

3) increase your antioxidants.  use pomegranates, they have the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits.

for wholistic health, in a nutshell: go to an asian store for daikins, go to a middle eastern store for pomegrantes.  eat every day, see the difference. also take a table spoon of edible aloe vera gel every day, not on an empty stomach though cuz it can go to your head.

i feel that we can share traditional knowledge for the benefit of all mankind.  knowledge that was isolated in local communities until very recently can now be shared across nations to create new opportunities for our health.
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about Daikins / also spelt Daikon



about Pomegranates



i make it apoint to include these two things in my diet.  i eat a pomegranate daily, it helps to keep off treatment side effects.  i can really feel it in minutes, it gives u a good feeling right after eating it.
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Hey Barkeep, gimme one of them there pomegranates and make mine staight up.
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Thanks for thinking of me! I'm going to print out your list and save it. Hope things are going well. All the best luck with your recent PCR!

-- Jim
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You mentioned abdominal "bloating" in the thread below. How did you get rid of it? I've had bloating and other digestive issues since coming off the treatment drugs, or maybe it's my pre-tx diet which is higher in fiber. Nothing serious but I would like to get my washboard abs back for next summer :)

-- Jim
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It seems that rabies is treated w/ combo therepy anyway..LOL..ribavirin,interferon-alpha and some others. Here is the addy to this page.

Rabies is a fatal disease in humans, and, to date, the only survivors of the disease have received rabies vaccine before the onset of illness. The approach to management of the rabies normally should be palliative. In unusual circumstances, a decision may be made to use an aggressive approach to therapy for patients who present at an early stage of clinical disease. No single therapeutic agent is likely to be effective, but a combination of specific therapies could be considered, including rabies vaccine, rabies immunoglobulin, monoclonal antibodies, ribavirin, interferon-alpha, and ketamine. Corticosteroids should not be used. As research advances, new agents may become available in the future for the treatment of human rabies.

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You didn't mention Sam-E

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