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liver cirosis

My Dad had a blood vomite last year and this year he has some complications his SGOT - 75, albumin 2.9 and bilirubin 1.8.
what stage of cirosis is it considered?

Anand Bhatt.
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From what I understand, they have to do a biopsy to determine cirosis level.  Biopsy results are given in terms of scarring (cirosis) and inflamation.  I've never heard of a blood test that can determine scarring level.
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Thought I'd butt in on this thread rather than waste a new one. I'm asking you willing as I've noticed that you are keen on research and seem to know alot about everything.
Is there a link between being immuno-supressed and yeast intolerance as I am finding that I can't eat any bread without feeling very nauseous. It also happens with cakes and cookies and breakfast cereals. I am on week 13 and my WBC 2.4, neutrophils 0.7 .
I know that we all have good bacteria in our gut, with a low WBC does this multiply? Or could it be that when yeast breaks down in the body it produces bacteria that cannot be cleared up with a low WBC?
I've put myself on a wheat free yeast free diet as from today.
Thanks and best wishes
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I can't help with the research, but I've noticed the same thing with the bread since I started tx. 2 separate times I've gotten to feeling really crappy and the second time put 2 and 2 together. I stopped eating bread and the occasional donut and have been having a much easier time with the tx since. I think this even had something to do with my enzymes going way up, told my doc this but he just kinda looked at me all skeptical.
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Hi Joanna, sorry if I gave that impression. Have to admit I'm pretty interested in the mol. bio. aspects of this disease but I'm clueless about most other  aspects, including nutrition. There are several nutrition experts around here though so hopefully one will see your post. From personal experience and posts it does seem tx has a strong impact on food preferences - I always assumed it was a  side of the meds but perhaps it's the compromised blood levels. Though breads & cereals are one of the foods I can still regularly eat, lots of other foods seem nauseating. This is something of a problem since I usually do the grocery shopping at our house. I'll wander up and down the aisles for an hour trying to find something that doesn't look thoroughly  nauseating and then come home with two apples and some yogurt...
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I meant it as a compliment that you seem to know alot about everything.
Best wishes
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The stages of HEPATITIS (stages 1 through 4) are done by biopsy.

The stages of CIRRHOSIS (stages A, B, or C) are done by CTP scores.

To figure a CTP score, you need to answer 5 questions:

1. What's the total Bilirubin? (you mentioned it's 1.8)

2. What's the Albumin? (you mentioned it's 2.9)

3. What's the PT (or INR)?  (you didn't mention this one)

4. Is there Ascites?  (three choices of answers: No ascites.....Ascites controlled medically.....Ascites poorly controlled)

5. Is there Encephalopathy?  (three choices of answers: No encephalopathy.....Encephalopathy controlled medically.....Encephalopathy poorly controlled)

(To figure out the stage of cirrhosis----you'd need to be able to answer those last 3 questions)

We have a Support Group at  http://www.expage.com/cirrhosis  (you're welcome to visit there if you want)

There's also more examples of these CTP scorecards at:
(you can scroll through more than a dozen of them there. Each has the URL of the medical website it came from)

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