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neuts 0.8 and weak,and no strenght at times

last weeks labs.just did shot # 9 of pegasus,and been on ribavirin 800 mg 2 x day:
WBC 2.0 , THE  NORM 4.0-11,0
RBC 3.90   THE NORM 3.96-12.0
NEUTS 0.8 THE NORN IS 1.8 - 7.8
im genotype 2 stage 2 HCV treating for 24 weeks.
I have been getting some days where all i want to do is lay in bed and have no strenght to even go up the steps without stopping to sit before i can go back down.other days i can do my errands and go to store.some days im a little out of breath ,headaches,no strenght.i guess this is side effects of treatment ? our my neuts low enough for the neuopogen injections ,along with my symptoms ? am i becoming anemic yet .i look very pale.anyone else have this problem ? or symptoms.i think i have to find  a new dr.can anyone give me any input on rescue drugs if i may be ready for any ? thankyou !
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My hepatologist always looked at my ANC, absolute nutriphil count.
Your symptoms all sound very normal. I had days I couldn't do much more than eat and lay on the bed. Neupogen may give you more energy. Personally I hated the stuff and would avoid it if possible.
It is extremely important that you have a doctor you trust.  Good luck
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the absolute  neut ct will be helpful and when my neuts were going down i was given neupogen and my dose of peg was reduced until a recovery was noted and i was also tested weekly when blood test were showing abnormalities.  i would ask your doc about testing you weekly and keep on him or her until you are getting the answers you expect.  

the weekness is a part of tx but it is not always the answer for what might be going on.  if you feel really bad go to the er and get tx make sure everything is working properly and if there is a question have them get your doc on the phone. maybe he will get the urgency of your concerns realised and start giving you the standard of care he is supposed to be giving you.  if you feel like he is leaving you out of the loop then you need to tell him that and if he does not appear to be receptive to that there is always his boss.  

hang in there.  : O )

p.s. your tx is more important than his golf game!
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The description of your side effects sound very common for treatment. Important is what was your pre-treatment hemoglobin and what is it now? Also, if I may ask how much you weigh because 1600 mg/day is kind of on the high side. If I read you correctly, you're taking 800 mg twice a day which would be a total of 8 pills a day if each pill is 200 mg. Your ANC isn't that bad, but as mentioned, your blood should be monitored on a regular basis.

-- Jim
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Forgot to ask -- did you have any viral load tests yet, and if so, at what week(s) and what were the results.
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The Princess Profile reflects 2 x 400 for 800 mg/day.  But it sounds like the effects of anemia; exhaustion, lethargy, headaches and fuzziness.  Should see your doc very soon and get that addressed.
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sorry.yes i am taking 400 mg 2 x day......my mistake.yes im asking for weekly blood work now and a copy for me. i feel like i have to look after myself.im telling dr office today.thanks, now i dont feel so alone..........good luck to you guys too !  Kathy
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