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pain with lots problems

my liver enzymes r 742,000 and i have diabetis plus hernited disc with sediatic nerve damagem need knee replacment, haveing steriod injections in back,i want to know if i can take like lorcet for pain? also i have artrtis of spin also seziure disorder
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Well Happyoldergal, from what I can gather in that post, I think what you meant to say is that your Viral Load is at 742,000.  You liver enzymes are going to be your AST and ALT (although there are thousands of others, those 2 are the ones you want to watch).  Those numbers will never reach 6 digits.

As far as if you can take Lorcet for your pain, that would be a question for your doctor.  I'm by no means a doctor, but Lorcet contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) which doesn't get along with livers too well.  A little Tylenol won't hurt you and Lorcet comes in 2 strengths with both of them contain 650mg of acetaminophen.  The maximum dose of acetaminophen someone with liver damage would want to take would be 2000mg per day.  So basically, you can only take 3 pills a day.

If your doctor would be willing to prescribe it, I would have him give you a script for Vicoprofen, which is the same narcotic analgesic (Hydrocodone) but instead of using acetaminophen, they use Ibuprofen as the other ingredient.  This is what I take for the pain and it works just fine.

I would still talk to my doctor before doing anything.
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thank you for all the info..i have had hepc for yrs but  really couldn't do   anythijng about it till i recently got my insurance and my reg dr found it,,guess i was relived in a way cause i had been carring this burderon for long time,,,after the 15 i will know more cause the specialist is doing a ultr sound on my liver and more blood test,,i am having steriod injections in my back cause of hernated disc spine problems, i am taking vicidin now for pain cause i need a knee replaxement but that won't happen,,have had 1 knee replacement and shoulder replacement,,,i am just scared i have no family and i live with friends but i sm not sure if they r ready for this,,  with GOD's help i will....thanks agin                      
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