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riba rage??

hi again everyone, sorry to bug you with this stuff but i'm concerned. my hubby goes for his first GI on dec. 4, and of course we're nervous.  one thing that worries me is the 'riba rage' i keep reading about on here.  we have a 5-year-old and a six-month-old. things can get pretty frustrating around our house on the best of days. do i need to be concerned about my husband's temper around the kids? i figure i can handle whatever might come at me, but they won't understand.  i was planning on working part time during the treatment to help pay for everything, but that would leave my husband alone with the kids around 3 nights a week.  he's normally a very even tempered guy, but i can't help but worry.  any advice?  thanks in advance!
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Keep in mind that everyone is different and reacts differently to the meds.  I haven't experienced any riba rage yet; just did shot 7/48 this morning.  Each time the doc asks if I'm getting irritable, I let my spouse answer and he has said "no" each time so far.  I haven't been depressed other than the first couple wks of treatment and that was due more to the constant headache I had than anything else.
I have experienced some other sx with 3 of my shots but they all passed within a day or less.
If your husband is pretty even-tempered now, and doesn't get depressed easily, he will probably be fine.  
You should try not to worry; just go with the flow as it comes.  Otherwise, I think the worrying tends to affect the state of mind; making a person more irritable, scared, angry, etc. which affects those around you as well.

Good luck to you both during your husband's tx; and may he have many days with no sx.
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satarina, the rage is weird. I get it and am aware of it  (usually) and just go to a "time out" For me it does not last very long, maybe only 10 min or so. As you can tell, it is different for all of us. This is a great forum for Hepc, welcome, plenty of great folks and info here

tri guy, just got back from a mile ocean swim, Nothing like 60 degree water to clear the old head! felt pretty good. I have a wild idea that i could limp through an oly!
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60 degree water? Yikees!  When to comes to swimming in water I like it nice and warm.  I live in Minnesota and our lake surfaces are starting to get a little hard right now.  My normal running trails are full of snow and ice after last weekend so I'll be going for my first snowshoe run of the season this afternoon, which will be real interesting.  As long as you don't have any great expectations I would think a Int'l or Oly distance would be real do-able.  Did 1/2 marathon my fourth week of tx and I was amazed at how the crowd and competition got me juiced up (Even ended up finishing in mid pack).  Definitely go for it!
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I'm taking lexapro (AD) and it seems to work, then again, this treatment is weird ****, so I just step back when I feel it coming on! Got into it with some people at work when I first started! That was not pretty!! #36 this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am 4 wks post tx. For rage and boy did I get it...I am not proud of it ...but I did slap my husband of less than a yr, when he told me I was acting like a b****. It ended up breaking his tooth and that cost us $400.00. I called my shrink and she put me on Zyprexa. Actually I didn't take it long../I learned to control my rage. Be sure he is put on antidepressant a few wks or longer before he starts treatment (tx). And discuss w/ your doctor about a nerve pill. Best wishes and do remember every body has different sx (side effects)some worse than others. I used my wonderful General Prat. for infections and just regular check ups. He's the one who diag. the Hep C...I went in because I had been VERY tired and sleeping alot. I have an exceptional liver DR. He has been so caring and always has as much time as we needed together. And my shrink is precious!!!! So you guys hang in there. and Prayers @ Love to YOU ALL> this is the best place you could have come to. Cindee  
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Wow! 1/2 marathon? Could you tell me your time? (and PB please!)
I was running 5 years ago, nothing longer than 3K:))
PBs: 1.5K = 4m, 1K = 2.30, 800m = 1.54...
Now I'm week 17 Pegasys/Copegus, my HGB dropped to 10 something... Hard to walk fast, not even talking about running:(
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