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how do you know if your stomach is swollen from the hep or is it just fat?
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hmmm... i'm actually not quite sure how it would get swollen from the hep unless the liver got bigger from the hep.  does that happen?  
maybe it's just fat...
talk to your doctor!
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You go to the doctor and have the appropriate tests done to see what the health of your liver is.  The virus by itself does not make the stomach swell, it's the complications from the virus such as cirrhosis, pancreatitis, enlarged spleen that can cause swelling in the abdomen.  If you know your liver is still in good shape, I recommend you try some crunches or cut back on the twinkies.  Also, some of us no matter how little we are still have belly fat - especially after having had children.
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I have heared that liver size reduces due to HCV. Is there any possibility that liver size increase due to HCv. I was Dx in 2002 and now going for tx. I have liver size in upper limits (14.5cm while normal rang ends on 15cm (max)). Is it due to HCv or it is normal to have liver in upper limits
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The answer to your question is that an ultrasound examination will reveal if free fluid (ascites) is causing the swelling.Portal hypertension,enlarged spleen and low albumin are the causes of this condition.
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