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tired/ gums bleeding

I am 15 weeks post treatment.  This weekend I did alot of sleeping, felt like I was on treatment still. I have been very sleepy. Also my gums are bleeding alot. Does this mean anything?? What are some signs of relapsing??
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i didnt have bleeding gums but i did lose 4 teeth within a year of stopping treatment...maybe this and being tired are just post tx side effects ...they can last awhile it seems... dont think you will know if you are relapsing unless you get blood work done
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to those that have relapsed, did you have any symptoms ???
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  I'm not quite 6 weeks post and my gums are bleeding too. I've boosted my calcium intake to help my bones and teeth recover. I learned a trick that helps with the bleeding gums. After brushing and flossing, I take a tooth pick, dip it in australian tea tree oil and wiggle it along the gums line where there is bleeding. You only want to do it for about 3 days, then give it a rest for another 3. I don't think bleeding gums have anything to do with relapsing.
     Have you had a PCR since stopping?  I'm doing one at 3mos. post.       Good luck
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I had a heptimax test done at 5 weeks post.(UND) Dr wants me to come back at 24 weeks. I just dont know if I can wait that long. Thanks for advice/encouragement. The waiting game is pretty tough and has me guessing at my deciesion to stop at week 36. My stats have looked good(for geno1) sice the beginning, I would just LOVE to close this chapter of my life...

God Bless
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my gums started bleeding profusely post tx.  they still do...im to have my 6 months post PCR.  It is due to gingivitis.  You can use Meswak (Salvadora Persica) or Peelu twigs...chew them and then gently brush your teeth and gums with it.
Its better than toothpaste and controls gum inflammation and bleeding.

ALT at 3 months post was 25, AST was 18.
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