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vigorous physical training (ie. marathons)

am going on my second stab of the interferon/ribavirin treatment. Difference this time (2 1/2 years later) is that I have physically turned my life around by losing a lot of weight (140lbs so far), going to the gym everyday (did that the first time) and running three marathons. I will be starting the treatment sometime during the end of September. (Peg IFN 2A & Ribavirin)The first marathon for which I'm training is in the early part of January and the second is at the end of January. The third is the LA Marathon in March. Don't want to hear "You can't do it" but would love to hear from people that have done similar things for inspiration. As long as my red corpuscles hold out I'm doin it! I also need this stuff to show my doctor so he can see there are other crazy people out there beside myself. Thanks.
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I think it is great you lost all that weight! Way to go! What determination you have. If all your blood work is stable at the time of the marathon might as well try it but to tell you the truth I couldn't do it. I don't have the stamina but you might! Is your doctor against it? I'd ask the reason for his thinking but I can't see ay reason not to if your tests are all OK but I'd heed the doctor if he provides a legitimate reason not to run otherwise  GO FOR IT!
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Nothing wrong with your optimism but it sounds like you'll have been eating riba and slamming interferon for at least 90 days before the first of 3 marathons. I just don't see it happening but train and go for it it you can handle it physically. I am giving you this feedback because I too used to run 40 mins 4 times a week and work out 4 times weekly just prior to tx. By my 3rd week of Riba I said it's not possible to run and work out like normal. Additionally I have 13 days left of a 24 week program and went thru the motions like lots of us out here. Fortunately I cleared at 4 weeks and 12 weeks and just had some itchy problems for about a week at week 12. Other than that of course I find it harder to race up the stairs etc, my HMG dropped from 16.5 to 11.9 after 5 months.(no helper drugs needed) This is why i don't think you can run-not enough oxygen in the body/blood. Coming from a guy who has worked 60 hours a week while on tx and the only stuff I couldn't do was run and work out at a reasonable pace so I gave it up for now. Again I have always felt shorter of breath than prior to tx.

I encourage you to continue to run etc until like me you say I'll take a break while on tx. But in my opinion I doubt it, then again you might do it

best of luck!
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I couldn't have done it.  Couldn't maintain my usual level of exercise -- and at some points, couldn't exercise at all.  But I did manage to swim several time a week through most of TX.

But I think some people might be able to pull it off.  My first hepatologist told me she had a patient who ran (a lot) or went rock climbing 5-6 days a week throughout TX.  

Plan to do it but don't let it get you down if your body says "no way" to a marathon during TX.  Even if you can't do the marathon, you'll almost certainly be able to run off and on through TX.  If your hemoglobin drops (anemia) early in TX (and it often does), you may not have enough oxygen in your blood to even watch a marathon.  Make sure your doc monitors that closely and treats you for it early. (The drug for anemia is one of those that bikers use for "blood doping"--just what you need!).

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I excericse 5 times a week but keep within light to moderatee. I think for a healthy person 3 marthons in 3 months is unwise, on treatment it borders on the foolhardy.
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thank you all for your comments. I will take all you had to say to heart. But I'm a youngster (55) so I should be able to handle it. The last time on I did have a little anemia but not too bad. I wasn't in as good a shape then as I am now so I'm hoping it will make a difference. But to let you know I won't do anything stupid but I will push myself as far as I can go. I have a couple of weeks to get myself ready. I'll keep you all informed as I go along. Thanks again.
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I'm sure you've already done this, but if you are training for something as physical as marathons while on tx, you should really stay in close contact with your doctor to monitor those counts.  Because I'm so physically active & my white count is extremely low, my doc sends me for for bloodwork every couple weeks.  And listen to your body!  Your body will tell you when it's overworked.  So push, but not to the point where you will hurt yourself.  Again, best of luck!!!
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