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A Challenge to ALL

I'm not someone who's usually comfortable telling people what to do, or challenging them to do things, but a number of recent posts have made me feel it's appropriate to put this one out there:

If you are already signed up to be an organ donor, I applaud you -- join me and tell people how easy it is to sign up.  If you are not, I encourage you to consider doing  so.  It takes almost no effort on your part (no pun intended), and it can save a life... or two... or three... or more.  In many states you can simply indicate you'd like to be one when you renew your driver's license.  There is also a 'Universal Donor Card' alternative that can be carried in your wallet if you do not drive, or do not want to do it 'via government.'

For those who'd like general information about being a universal donor and links to what organ donorship is all about, a beautiful starting point:

Now, that's some real support for hepatitis sufferers :).  ~eureka

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I was an organ donor all my life but thought as a 'former hepper' I was no longer eligible and did not sign up last DL renewal. Guess I'll have to recheck the rules and if I can I will surely do so. Thanks for the reminder.
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I have been a donor for years..good thread !
All my best as always  Eureka.

Speed, you can still be an organ donor, I don't know what state
you live in, however in some states you can sign up on-line.
In addition, yes you can have the dot on your DL.
Good luck Speed

If needed,  the TP center doesn't like to do it,
they can TP a HCV liver in a HCV recipient who also has HCV, this would be
in an extreme case where there is no other choice.
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I think Mikesimon straightened me out on this one we cannot donate blood but we CAN donate organs.  I'm pretty sure I had it wrong too and thought I could no longer be a donor......I'm not sure how much of my liver is left to give but if I die certainly it'd be better than nothing I suppose!

Of course that is not the only stuff we have why do I always have to think liver liver liver liver LOL.

I applaud this thread!
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Good idea to put this out there. May be that lots of people on here don't think we have anything that can be used anymore.

Sign up everybody!!!!!!!

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Good thread.
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I have been a donor all my life. Everybody should be.
There are 524 people on the waiting list for a liver in Colorado alone.
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Really, anyone who is "of sound mind and body" can elect to be an organ donor.  So yes, heppers, you can all sign up :).  

The limitations of what we can donate I think really boils down to informed consent from the recipient (and please, if I'm incorrect here, legal eagles feel free to descend):  if the intended recipient (either by signature or by proxy/POA) gives consent, it's possible to receive a transplanted liver that is hep c positive if no other is available.  My thinking is if it were my liver (or another essential organ) failing and my choices were possible death or survival with hep c, I would be thankful for the organ, virus or not.  

But then again, (though I would hope not) I'm sure there's also a number of people that are so devastated by this disease that they would rather no one ever be infected under any circumstances...
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Errrr. Ummmmmm. Uhhhhh.

Always getting pitched by harvesters because they know we're the people talking to those who are fixing to go meet jesus soon. It's a big buck business. They make a determination based upon the cause of death when they receive a ........a gift. Some causes of death (like a bad ticker) will allow most of the organs to be harvested for donation. Other causes of death (like, say, cancer) won't be harvested for donation (except the corneas) because they will not place "contaminated" organs in a recipient. Cancer cells are considered mutations. Those cadavers are shipped off to research facilities and medical schools. Any donors exposed exposed to HCV, HBV or HIV are incinerated. They feel the risk is far too great.  I was spitting mad and had a case of the vapors the last time I had to sit in on one of these presentations.

Oh hey. Every donor gets a free cremation to help ease the financial burden to their loved ones left behind, and a sense of knowing they "done good." The harvest corporation makes tens of thousands off of each donation.
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I lean toward sunqueen's thoughts.  Many years ago I had the donor designation on my driver's license.  I was living in Portland, OR.  Some rich people went mushroom hunting.  Unfortunately what they picked were toadstools.  Their livers failed.  One died and two got immediate liver transplants.  One of the side bars in the paper was of people who had been waiting months or years for a liver to save their lives.  I was so offended that I took the designation off my license.  I may have to rethink this, it never occured to me that any one could still use my organs.  I still think the rich have the advantage in any medical situation though.
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Good thread eureka, i have always signed up for being a donor, it really doesn't matter to me if a rich person or a poor person recieves anything i got. i wouldn't want someone not to live cause i'm jealous.......... Hmmmm
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It's not jealousy.  Someone who was in pain and waiting in line could have died.  I am really rethinking my position.  I will probably do the right thing.  
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I thought I had to take my name off the list until somebody put it up on this forum that that is not the case. I am still an organ donor and still hcv positive. Good thread.
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