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Susan400 kept doing TX after TX, but now, after 13 times, I am undetected 3 mon post TX. woo hoo, yippee! The drug that cleared me was ...
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Hi all May the fourth is my three year anniversary if completing my final hep c treatment! Still hanging in there :-)
HI again!!! I have another question for you....I have had back problems off and on for a couple of years now and just threw out my back a...
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Been five years for me. I think finally I have recovered fully.
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I was shocked to see this comparison in a ad aired in California last week. The ad does advertise Hepatic C is a curable. As we know, ...
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Undetected on week 12. Took last pill off the 12 wks of Vosevi, one week ago today. Now, just hoping for 12 wk to be undetected. I wa...
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I just got my week 8 blood draw and I'm undetected on Vosevi. I also was undetected on week 4. This is a great start hoping this one wi...
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Dec. 2nd was my 4 year anniversary of my liver transplant with no complications and blood work always normal. Someone up there wants me t...
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hi to everyone! my hubby is 8 months post transplant, i everything were going fine but one thing i wanna know when he is going to take me...
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So, here we are, the old-timers. I haven't been on here in ages but was just thinking about all my friends. We were the vanguard, the Gui...
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Today I had blood taken for the second time by the local surgery nurse as the first result showed my liver result to be around 100. She ...
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can anyone tell me if they were treated with Harvoni for chronic c and non active b? I've been warned that the b could become active... P...
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Is it possible to test fslse negative for b or c 3 years after exposure. I have been having issues to many too list but all go back to li...
Yea, I got approved for Vosevi. After going through resistance testing, seeing Hepatologist an hour and a half away.., I have been appro...
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With SO many people becoming so heavily addicted to Oxy's they needed to come out with something stronger?! Now this, I just don't reall...
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We have lots of conversations here about thinning hair in here. Some loose a lot more than others, does anyone have any theories about ...
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Hepatitis, Ribavirin, Interferon and Procrit are all associated with curing hepatitis.
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Had my transplant Dec. 03, 2013 and all is great. Blood work always perfect. Lucky man to be sure. Well, I do take very good care of myse...
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FDA approves first pill to treat all forms of hepatitis C Federal health officials on Tuesday approved the first pill to treat all maj...
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