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If you have medical questions about hepatitis, please post in one of our hepatitis communities ( Hep A , Hep B , Hep C or Hep-autoimmune ).
Hello po. May idea po ba kayo kung magkano ang HBV DNA test po? Salamat po.
Been five years for me. I think finally I have recovered fully.
im on week 23 with my peg/cogeg treatment. last viral load was un detctable. my problem is alt & ast are both slightly elevated. i have ...
Hello, I am facing liver inflammation from past 1 year. It started from an unknown illness last year. My fibroscan score has reached...
Has anyone had or heard of Allergic Reaction to acai berry supplement, characterized by hive-like skin eruptions?
anyone here serve in the military from 1977- Sept 1980 in Baumholder Germany us army or in Germany itself please contact me. in Dec 78 ...
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