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Anyone interested in doing a 'role call'?

I hope you all don't mind, but I thought this might help keep everyone up to date on where we are and also is a good way to meet everyone.  I sometimes have a difficult time remembering everyone's progress. I would love if you'd all join in & maybe do this periodically to keep us up to date!

Female - 57 yrs
Geno: 2b
Started tx:  3 weeks ago
(still have hair) lol
Probably had 30 yrs
Diagnosed: 03
Viral Load at start: 6mil
Liver condition:
early stage cirrhosis
First dx:  ALT 254  AST  174,
now: ALT 10  AST 31
Favorite Movie:  
Ferris Bueller's Day Off  :)

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Good idea.  I can never remember everybody's info, so it's good to do this occasionally.

Now, if I can only remember my own stats...

Female - 49 yrs
Geno: 1b
Started tx: 10-08-06. This weekend will be #33 of 48.  I'm coming around the corner!!  (but my hair looks pitiful!)
Probably had 30 yrs?  or 10 yrs?  or 2 years?  Don't really know.
Diagnosed: 06
Viral Load at start: 3 mil
Liver condition: don't know, never had a biopsy because I'm too afraid, and I would have treated no matter what the results were anyway.
Favorite Movie:  Don't really have one, though Ferris Bueller is funny.  
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geno 1b relapser
grade 2 inflamm/stage 1 fibro

Favorite movie: Out of Africa
"Let it go.  Let it go.  This water lives in Mombasa anyway."

Kit in Montana
12773 tn?1328916786
Female - 47 yrs
Geno: 1a
Started tx: 12-23-06. This weekend will be #21 or 22 of 48  Have to count whats in the box.. I lost count.. brain fog..
Almost half way there!! (and my hair looks pitiful too!)
Probably had 27 yrs?
Diagnosed: 93
Viral Load at start: 5.74 vl
Liver condition: Stage 2 grade 2
2nd time around, went thru interferon treatment (by itself) in 93 for 6 mos.  Was slow to respond, and it came back, found out in Sept 06.
Favorite Movie: hmmmm  Ghost or Dirty Dancing.... LOL  NOt sure which I have watched more.. LOL
148987 tn?1287809526
Male - 50
Geno: 1b
Started tx: 8-01-06. In week 39/48
Diagnosed: 7-01-06
Baseline Viral Load: 311,000
Currently und
Stage 2 grade 2
142354 tn?1228250348
Male 37  geno 1b
on week 43 of 48
bx one yr ago  stage 2 grade 3
starting vl 365000
und at 4 weeks of tx and still und today
179355 tn?1207410851
Male 53
Genotype 1a stage 1
Diagnosed 2003
Started 7/14/06 48wks
VL at start 470,000
Hair  none
either had it since 1971 or Haiti 1995.
Favorite movie John Wayne in Iwo Jima
Favorite book James Bradley Flags of Our Fathers
Favorite song Marines Hymn
Favorite musical instrument Bagpipes (especially when playing Marines Hymn or Amazing Grace)

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