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CDC Alert!!! Be prepared


One more reason that I have waited to treat.  Be safe out there people!!!

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lordy what next  this is a hoax  its not from the cdc
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it may be from an affiliated site but its just a blog - social media  lol  who writes this crap  and who allows it to be published  the cdc ( your source for credible information ) my left butt cheek
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Actually this is legitimate and it really did come from the CDC.  

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Sure - that's a legitimate concern - zombies!
You betcha - no doubt about it.

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Nice twist, Mike.  

It legitimately came from the CDC, is what I meant, but then you knew that.
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Like I said - it's a legitimate concern and we sure don't need the NY Times or the CDC to make us aware of the seriousness surrounding the threat of zombies. I mean that's like a priori.
Of course we're facing a very real threat of zombies.
I'm prepared and I hope you are as well.

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You know...you have something there.  Zombies are a fact of life and an everyday reality we all deal with.  Just the same, I think that's led to a certain amount of complacency and the CDC is recognizing that and making sure everybody is aware of what to do in the event of a zombie attack.  I think it's a CYA thing so that then nobody turns around and says "you knew this could happen and you didn't warn us???"  That kind of thing.
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That is certainly a very plausible explanation.
In that context I salute the CDC.

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I'm light year ahead of you all I have my chainsaw and cross right by my front door.
Hey I'm not sure which will be first zombies or vampires and I am ready for both.
The only thing I am not ready for is The Blob. I think I need a few more canisters of freeon.
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In my experience it's less of an attack than a gradual invasion. At first you don't notice it, but eventually you reach the point where zombies have become a part of your everyday life. Bitching and moaning, and shuffling along, if you don't watch out they'll suck the very life forces from you. I don't know whether they spit.    

"I think I need a few more canisters of freeon."
Be sure to get nice ones. In every horror movie I've ever seen,  the heroine always has nice cans.  
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I'm afraid that it is going to get worse before it gets better.  

I also apologize for posting this in the wrong forum.  : )  I spent quite a few minutes looking through MedHelp trying to find the right one.

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