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Chance my daughter could have this:(

If I had hep-c when I was pregnet,what are the chances of her having hep-c?she's so scared :(,I hope she's okay..
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The chances are low but she needs to be tested. It's important that your doctor knows your HCV status before delivery, as there measures that can be taken to make that low risk even lower.
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Danni, how old is your daughter?  As desrt said, very low chance that she got HCV from you when you gave birth but not zero.  Have her tested, Danni and then you'll know instead of worrying about it.  As always, Danni... a step at a time.  Deal with things a step at a time.  Knock this one off the list too, Danni.  Good luck.

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Ya trying to not worry :)and one step at at time,gotchca :)good to know the chances are low:)thank-you all.hope everyone has a good day.chow for now my friendxo. Danni:)
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I see your posts and I am concerned about your level of anxiety.

There are many ways to help relieve the tensions and fears within.
Meditation, exercise, prayer, are just a few.

Before you begin treatment, I really think you need to address this issue.
Perhaps you can talk to your doctor??

Good luck,
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I don't know the exact odds, but out of all the people I know with hep c, who have kids, including myself, none of the children contracted it from their parents.  Odds are very low...that's all I know.

Has she ever given blood?  They check for that if they take your blood.  

Good luck and go get her tested!

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I gave birth to two daughters and didn't know I had hep C. They're both fine. They were tested and neither one has it. Please give us an update when you find out, so we can celebrate with you :-)
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Just brought 2 of my children in to get tested, they are young teens, I haven't told them whats going on with me yet, I am waiting for my biopsy results (have my biopsy on Monday).  they asked me why they had to get a blood test, I told them the doctor ordered it and i need to get it done before the end of the year for insurance purposes.  I haven't told my oldest yet, who is out of the house and married, I will tell him once I get my results in and suggest he get tested as well.

I had a total anxiety attack yesterday thinking about what the results will be, i won't know till next week, the doc is out of the office till next thursday.  it will be a long week.  I know the chances are low, but if there is any chance at all, it's too much for me....it will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do when I tell them whats up...I give anything to not be in this position, but I am, so will do what I have to...

How old is yoru daughter?  Get her tested, it's the ony way to have peace of mind about it...
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I had three children not knowing I had HCV, none of them contracted the disease. Thankfully!!

Interestedly though my teenaged daughter tried to donate blood and was denied because she answered yes to the question on the questionnaire that she lived with someone who has HCV, namely me. The drive was held at her school and her rejection was handled poorly. They told her she couldn't donate right in front of all the other kids going through the screening process. It was really embarrassing for her as she is a fiercely private person and she was just trying to help.
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