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EOT Today

The last of my lovely pills were consumed today and that is all folks. I get labs tomorrow and on 11/29. Hopefully I will be SVR too. Fingers crossed. I will say this I had no side effects, no skin issues, nothing. Come January I hope to be in the clear for good.
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Mama, do a happy dance! Congratulations on completing Tx!
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Congatulations!! Now, reward yourself - sleep in tomorrow - no pills to get up and take!!!!

The 13 weeks will go by quickly til SVR.  Thinking positive, here : -)

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Congratulations!  Enjoy your freedom from the meds!  Here's to reaching SVR!  
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Congratulations, you completed the 12 weeks!
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Thanks guys
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Hoping for the best for you. Reward coming soon...

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This is wonderful news, congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing with us
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Yeah !!!! You sound great,, giving hope to us all
thanks for posting
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