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Hello old friends

So, here we are, the old-timers. I haven't been on here in ages but was just thinking about all my friends. We were the vanguard, the Guinea Pigs. We suffered and took solace in sharing our pain and triumphs. It all depended on where you were in the spectrum. Many suffered inconceivably harsh treatments and some didn't make it. (still miss you everyday Howie) But now we are a blip in history as newer drug regimens promise to make Hep C a thing of the past. For those who made it, and for those who simply dropped off the radar so we assume the worst, thank you for sharing your journey. I will always love and be beholden to you
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Love you too and missing all those we lost especially our friend Howie his absence is deeply felt.
And yet, the specious posts still persist. You are a saint Lynn, for persisting
Some days are better than others
I fully agree
Hi all! This is an old timer from 2004-2005.  It's been a long time since I have been here.  I'm still SVR, but my memory has deteriorated,  never got much energy either.  Old age stinks,  but better than the alternative.   Cheers!
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Still around and doing great, thanks to Harvoni and of course my liver transplant. Still performing on a regular basis here in warm Arizona...
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Hi, Linda! I've been lurking on Medhelp recently and just saw your post. It's been a while. I miss you and all of my many other Medhelp friends, most of whom I have sadly lost contact with. I guess we all want to forget about hep-c and just get on with things, but the truth is that, for me, it's been probably the central experience of my life. Certainly, I never before have met so many wonderful people as here on Medhelp, and I know I never will again. Bless you all. You saved my life and I won't forget you.

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